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    First Name: Haruka
    Middle Name: Ren
    Last Name: Kaziah
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Haru, the Wolf Princess

    Age: over 1000, looks around 18-20 years old

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality and Status: straight, married

    Clan: Kaziah

    Race: Lycan

    Description of Werewolf or lycan Form: In her normal form, her lycan has dark purple fur with red tipped ears, paws and tail. Her claws aren's very long, and her eyes are a bright pink. When her other personality takes over, her lycan form looks different. She has blood red fur, with black tipped ears, paws, and tail, with black around her eyes which are also red. Her claws are longer for combat.

    Classification: Medic

    Home: Alucardia
    Possessions: Medical kit, which is full of home made medicine, bandages, and other medical supplies. She also has various ninja weapons, kunai, hari, and shuriken. Also has a picture of her husband and her children.
    Language: German, English

    Transportation: Gets around mainly by foot

    -Ancestor: unknown
    -Father: Cloud Darkheart
    -Mother: Alice Abyss
    Father-In-Law: Lucifer Kaziah
    Brothers-in-law: Soujirou Kaziah, Strife Kaziah
    Sister-In-Law: Nightmare Lee Castiel
    Husband: Oblivion Chaos Kaziah
    Children: Yusuke Kaziah, Nikoli Kaziah Nikita Kaziah, Azumaria Kaziah, Johanna Kaziah, Able Kaziah, Aiden Kaziah, Zeriea Kaziah

    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend: Nightmare Lee Castiel

    Character Bio: Haruka is a young very wolf like girl. She can ever truly die or age anymore then she has already because of her life and death traits making her truly immortal. She is the living embodiment of light/life and darkness/death, which she uses in her Blood Wolf state. Her very touch is deadly unless she lets you touch he, which is very unlikely because she very rarely trusts anyone at all. She has a very proud nature, which can be difficult to manage in groups. That side of her nature is balanced out by her sweet playful side though. She also has a power sealed within her, that shows up when she feels a strong negative emotion, like rage. This side is known as the Blood Wolf, who is merciless to her enemies in battle. She loves her friends, and wouldn't want anything horrible to happen to them. She protects them, and stands up for them when she feels that things are going to far.

    Clothing: Blue vest over a black short sleeve shirt, blue or black skirt with black biker shorts underneath, and black boots
    Tattoos/Piercings: pierced ears
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Eye Color: bright pink
    Hair Color: Dark purple faded to bright red
    Physical Build: Skinny

    Personality: Very outgoing and protective. She also can have a nasty temper when angered, and can sometimes become violent if angered enough. Loves to help her friends, and tends to put others before herself. She tends to get along with anyone she meets, smiling and making small talk, trying to make her new aquantence comfortable. When angered, she is not violent but yells at the person who angered her. When her friends and family are threatened, she immidietely jumps in to defend, either verbally or physically. She is very loving to her husband and children, who she sees as her whole world.

    Likes: Steak, sweets, friendly people, art, music, forests, cherry blossoms, healing others, cuddling with her husband

    Dislikes: fighting, rude people

    Color: purple
    Food: Steak
    Dessert: chocolate cake
    Drink: water
    Snack: used to be apples, but now tends to avoid them. Now likes oranges as a snack
    Place: forests
    Music/Song: Has a lot of favorite songs, but loves rock music
    Weapon: none
    Saying: If someone is calling for you, listen... they may be the one you have been searching for
    Time of Day: twilight
    Time of Year: summer
    Weather: sunny

    Fears: spiders and rejection

    Goals: her only goal is to be a great medic and save as many lives as she can

    Habits: tends to pout a lot, and also has a habit of chewing the sides of her fingers and lip when nervous

    Hobbies: researching medicine, sitting outside watching nature, playing with her kids

    Strengths: Healing is her main strength, but she can also hide in shadows when attacked

    Weaknesses: her refusal to fight, her family

    Power origin: Haruka does not know where her powers originated from. She theorizes that she was born with her abilities to be able to help people in need.

    Abilities: has the healing abilities of light, and the dark abilities of shadow manipulation.
    Specialties: Healing
    Active Talents: making her own medicine
    Mastery: healing wounds and making medication

    Elemental Power:
    Haruka has no elemental power, but she has a split personality that appears when she is extremely angered. This side of her causes her appearance to change, her hair becomes blood red and black, her eyes a blood red, and black appears around her eyes. This side to her is very aggressive, and has been known to enjoy the sight of her enemy's blood.

    Weapons: Kunai, Hari, and Shuriken

    • Str: 9
    • Du: 4
    • Pw: 9
    • Sta: 7
    • Agi: 9
    • Spd: 7
    • Fs: 1
    • Int: 7
    • Wp: 4

    Emotional Stability: Has pretty good stability emotionally, and can hold back her emotions to a certain degree. She has a better handle on her anger and can keep it in check usually.
    Mental Stability: Has so-so mental stability, but extreme rage causes her other personality to come out.

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