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    Lucifer Kaziah
    Lucifer Kaziah

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    The god of time and sins Empty The god of time and sins

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    Character Data sheet

    First Name: Lucifer
    Last Name: Kaziah
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Lu, Lulu, God of time, god of sin,

    Age: Unknown (looks to be 25-27)
    Gender: (Are you a "he", "she" or "it"?)

    Sexuality and Status: Pan-Sexual
    Clan: Kaziah clan he made

    Race: God

    Classification: King of Alucardia
    Home: Alucardia Kingdom
    Possessions: My family is what I hold dear.

    Transportation: Prefers horse back, and Motorcycle

    -Daughter: Nightmare Lee Castiel
    -Father: Ametsu Kaziah
    -Son: Oblivion Kaziah, Strife Kaziah, Soujirou Kaziah
    -Daughter in law: Haruka Ren Kaziah

    Power description (not all just a few)
    Mind control, metamorphose

    this power he is able to manipulate the memories and use mind control over enemies and those he wishes for.

    Earth: make plants grow, vines and poisons

    Lucifer manipulates the earth in his own way. He creates poison vines and brings the earth up to shield himself in defense. His favorite thing to do is build vines and trees and manipulate them into making a throne for him. Most of the earth he cares for and creates beautiful flowers to represent his love he passionately feels for someone if fallen for.

    Fire: Can control fire, make fire out of thin air

    the use Lucifer uses with this element is to cause extreme danger. Lucifer uses fire on a lot of things. Most defense matters. Though Lucifer uses it for attacks as well forming the flames into creatures to scare his opponents. Lucifer is like the high Archie of flames. His flames change color due to the degrees of heat that is placed in the bit he forms. His most powerful flame is one that you can only see the heat exerting itself from witch is a clear flame.

    Water: Manipulation of ice and blood

    With water Lucifer can manipulate water though he found another use for water as well. Since 75% of the body is made up of blood Lucifer found practice in manipulating any liquid he could including blood. Blood he developed due to the extreme interest he had found in fascination to blood. Lucifer was found dangerous when he mastered the manipulation of blood due to the fact he would kill and comatose many of his pets. Included He had also found manipulation into making blood into ice freezing it within the body and also using flame to heat blood with in the body.

    Physical Description: Lucifer has long silver hair that spreads out on to his back. On his back he has a marking that he was born with that was of his family in the middle of the shoulder blades on his back. He has amethyst eyes that shimmer like actual gem stones in the sunlight. Lucifer loves to wear pants that match the frame of his body and boots that are about knee high that buckle up. His shirt always neatly tucked in and he always rips them to show his shoulder blades. He also loves to ware shirts that have buckles upon them. Lucifer is to be said to look like a god who timed stopped for in his age and beauty to be captured at it’s brightest. Lucifer also stands about 6’1 in height and is built to almost perfections. Since no one is a perfect creation Lucifer came very close to it.

    Psychological Description: Lucifer is good at keeping himself under control though most of the time his gentle looks can hurt when his other half likes to show itself to those he loves. Lucifer can be very cruel and very unkind to those around him. Lucifer has a nurturing personality but also a very strong sadistic personality as well. Due to him having a side of him he refuses to want he always finds himself trying to correct mistakes he never met to make. He later develops the adverse to just accept the other half of him but not let it get out of control. Lucifer keeps himself very at bay. He has very well control and he is very cruel when it comes to people messing with his family. Lucifer finds it fun to torcher anyone who harms his family and enjoys every aspect of it.

    Friends and Allies:

    -Acquaintance: Gabriel Mors

    -Brother: Zafaru
    -Nephews: Zero, Zink

    Character Bio:

    Lucifer was born a god, and his father was Ametsu the god of darkness and war. Lucifer had never known is mother for his father never spoke of her. Though he had grown to be a strong god Lucifer found himself with abilities that was similar to his father witch was the sinful way. Though he had another gift he developed and he had not known much about it…it was the ability of time. Lucifer had grown to develop more and master more of the ability of time. Though the gods gave him the rank since he was the only one able to control time he was known as the God of Time and Sins. Lucifer also had a younger brother. His name was Zafaru a god who had no great abilities and Zafaru hated Lucifer for having all the extraordinary abilities. Though what Lucifer knew more than his brother was Zafaru was able to Nullify any abilities and that his brother would be pronounced the god of nullification. Though Lucifer had not known what was to happen.

    Lucifer had fallen in love with a goddess name Akasha. She was the goddess of Nature and souls. She was very elegant and had long flowing white hair and white eyes with a mark on her forehead. Lucifer and Zafaru fell in love with this woman. We spent most of our time with her since her presences kept us at bay. Though when Akasha and Lucifer had fallen deeply in love we were told by the higher gods that we were not allowed to bare children, and if we did…that they would turn us human and be sentenced to death. Instead of baring a child Akasha and Lucifer had planned to create a perfect daughter. Lucifer and akasha then began to create the perfect daughter. They started out with the structure of a doll at first then gave her a soul. That was the creation of Nightmare Lee Castiel (witch is a different story different character)

    Now after nightmare had been created Zafaru turned on Lucifer casting Lucifer away sealing him into an eternal abyss. Akasha..Had disappeared and said to have been turned human for the actions that Lucifer and her had committed. Lucifer found his way out of that abyss and found himself in a world that was full of distruction and no idea where his daughter was. So Lucifer began to create more sons this time and were known as the faint bloods since akasha couldn’t give them a complete soul since she was nowhere to be found.

    Now Lucifer had built up a kingdom with new technology new meaning to life and is building his family up. Lucifer also found his pureblood daughter nightmare who he fights to protect since she is the last thing Akasha had put her life and soul in to and Lucifer had found no meaning but to keep his kingdom and his family safe. Lucifer became over protective and one of the most powerful on the middle world hiding from other gods…and His brother who so desperately seeks to destroy Lucifer’s happiness.

    Scars: N/A
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Physical Build

    1: Blood
    2: Silence
    3: Fighting
    4: His family
    5: Self
    6: Pain
    7: non humans
    8: everything going his way
    9: The wind brushing against his face
    10: Basking in the full moon.


    1: Disobedience
    2: Traitors
    3: Loud mouth people
    4: Disagreements
    5: Fighting with family
    6: Brother
    7: other gods
    8:His other half
    9: Ancients
    10: Rain

    Color: Purple/Silver
    Food: Anything bloody
    Dessert: Cookie n’ cream ice cream cake
    Drink: Grape soda
    Snack: Pokie
    Place: Throne room
    Music/Song: Violins
    Weapon: Unknown
    Saying: none
    Time of Day: Night time
    Time of Year: Winter
    Weather: Cold weather

    Fears: Losing his sanity, Losing grip on reality, Fear of his family being taken

    Goals: to expand my clan, and make my kingdom rain proud

    Habits: Ignoring advisor, being to brutal, not caring for others

    Hobbies: Playing with my family, Harassing people, hiding from the advisor

    Strengths: Unknown

    Weaknesses: My family, a hidden blade

    Power origin: God born with it

    General competence’s: N/a
    Specialties: Time abilities
    Active Talents: Swords men ship, telekinesis
    Mastery: Time
    Form Mastery: Sinful desires

    Force/Magic Abilities: n/a
    Elemental Power: Fire, wind, Electricity are Lucifer’s main along with telekinesis.

    Split side: I Have a side that has black hair red skin red where the white is of the eyes. And emerald green envy eyes. This half of me can erg the feel of sinful intents and loves to see other in misery. This side is the Sinful God as the call him. This side is still in development due to the fact it doesn’t often come out.

    Weapons: Duel Blades

    • Str: 8
    • Du: 5
    • Pw: 9
    • Sta: 7
    • Agi: 7
    • Spd: 5
    • Fs: 9
    • Int: 9
    • Wp: 7


    Emotional Stability: For emotional state Lucifer has very good control over that
    Mental Stability: Mental state ability Lucifer has trouble with is other side of himself. He fights with it constantly.

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