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    Rohesia Fletcher

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    First Name: Rohesia
    Last Name: Fletcher
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Rose

    Age: Is actually 200 years old, looks anywhere between 16 – 18 years old.

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality and Status: Straight

    Clan: None.

    Race: Elf

    Classification: Spy/Assassin.

    Home: Tá Grá Agam Duit Kingdom
    Possessions: A 22 inch elf-made short sword, a classic old-styled money pouch and an odd silver locket.
    Language: The elf language and the main language of many of the other countries.

    Transportation: Horse or by foot.

    -None she remembers, orphaned.

    Friends and Allies:
    - None at the moment.


    Character Bio: Before Rohesia was born, her father had passed away after a battle-to-the-death challenge and when she was born, Rohesia’s mother died of child birth. Her mother, being unimportant to anyone has long since been forgotten. Growing up in an orphanage had always been hard for Rohesia. She never quite felt as if she belonged. She wasn’t really teased or taunted by the other kids for any reason, but no one really talked to her either. Because of this, Rohesia learned to trust no one. She didn't even trust any of the orphanage workers or even the teachers brought in to teach the kids to read. To Rohesia it was just easier to be alone. It meant she didn't have to bother keeping friends, especially since she would have probably lost them one day, anyway.

    After she was old enough, Rohesia left the orphanage with little more than the locket she'd had since she was a child and the knowledge to read at her disposal. From the orphanage, she headed straight to the libraries where she spent most of the next few years of her life studying. She was a quick learner, many noticed, but she was easily bored with the materials that the scholars selected for her. After a while, she balanced her usual visits to the libray with training. First learning how to swordfight and then archery, but even with that knowledge she wasn't any happier. She decided then that she needed some sort of purpose. But she didn't want to be like the other women who's purpose was to get married. No, she decided she would chose her own path and not long after, she did.

    Appearance: Rohesia is very short, just barely making 5 feet tall. She’s very thinly built with little curves and not very noticeable muscles. She doesn’t weight probably much more than 100 pounds. Her hair is a dark chocolate brown color with lighter brown and red highlights. Her eyes are a bright emerald color normally, but a darker green if she’s angry and an almost jade green color when she’s crying (which isn’t very often). Her skin is a very pale peach color and is only marred by a few scars on her stomach and back. Her clothes, unlike most women around her, are very knight-like and include: Fine long-sleeve linen shirts, sometimes tunics, dark leather trousers and dark leather boots and a belt with attachable sheaths for her sword and daggers and pouches for money and supplies.

    Personality: Rohesia is a very solitary person and is usually labeled as a loner by anyone who sees her. She’s usually very formal to those who speak to her and has a hard time loosening up to anyone she doesn’t know well. Rohesia is usually very focused, especially when she’s working, however when she isn’t working, she’ll at times find herself lost in thought and distracted. She is also very logical but can understand the need for some creative wit when times get hard. Rohesia also tends not to get angry easy, but is easily frustrated if things don’t go exactly to plan.

    Likes: Travelling, Watching sparring matches, Reading new materials, and Sitting by campfires

    Dislikes: When things don’t go exactly to plan, when she doesn’t get paid, and very annoying people.

    Color: Green
    Food: Strawberries
    Dessert: Home-made pies.
    Drink: A sweet-wine
    Snack: Any type of fruit.
    Place: The Forest
    Music/Song: Almost anything played on a Lute.
    Weapon: Short Sword or Dagger.
    Saying: None
    Time of Day: Sunset
    Time of Year: Spring
    Weather: Cloudy

    Fears: Storms (Thunder and Lightning) and being betrayed.

    Goals: To someday be rich.

    Habits: Swearing when things go bad, knuckle-cracking right before a fight.

    Hobbies: Sword-fighting, Archery.

    Strengths: Sneaking, Staying out of sight, Sword fighting.

    Weaknesses: Romantic advances/Flirting from the opposite gender and a tendency to overestimate her own energy reserves (results in her using too much energy and passing out).

    Power origin: Magic

    Abilities: Telepathy/Empathy, Clairvoyance.
    Skills: Sword-Fighting, Archery, mixing potions/making charms for later use.
    Mastery: Basic Sword-Fighting.

    Force/Magic Abilities: Telepathy, Empathy, Clairvoyance and basic potions/charms.

    Elemental Power:

    Light-Telepathy: If she’s either around or touches someone she can pick up on unguarded thoughts and can communicate with other telepaths if they let her.
    Light-Empathy: Just like Telepathy, if the person is around her or she touches them, she can pick up on unguarded emotions or stray emotions left over from previous events.
    Light-Clairvoyance: This one isn’t as controlled as the rest. Many it just comes as a whispered warning to her or sometimes from a simple touch she can sense something that will come in someone else’s future. It’s not always exact and she can’t always control it.
    Earth-Making potions/charms: If she has the instructions and earth-based materials (herbs and other ingredients) she can make any potion/charm she wants to, just as long as it's elf-based.

    Weapons: Short-Swords, Daggers and a Bow and Arrow.

    Stats: (Your character's roleplaying stats. They range from 0 to 9 and show us how powerful your character really is. The explanation for each numerical value is coming soon.)
    • Str: 2
    • Du: 3
    • Pw: 3
    • Sta: 4
    • Agi: 7
    • Spd: 3
    • Fs: 4
    • Int: 5
    • Wp: 5

    Emotional Stability: Rohesia has pretty good and strong emotional stability and can withstand a lot of emotional pressure.

    Mental Stability: She’s rather sane and doesn’t break down easily. It usually takes several extra pushes to get her to act differently.

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    Re: Rohesia Fletcher

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    Very well Written
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    That is alot better. Everything seems good Ill be a bit lient since your new.......

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