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    First Name: Gabriel
    Last Name: Velox Ferox Mors
    Age:18,542 (usually looks early 20’s)
    Gender: Male

    Sexuality and Status: Straight
    Clan: n/a

    Race: Vampire/Lycan/Demi god

    Classification:Mercenary/Bounty hunter

    Home: One that existed long before
    Possessions: Cloak with hood, 2 Custom made Kukri, Custom bo staff, Flask, Mp3 player.

    Transportation: By foot/wings or whatever is around if he sees fit

    Family: Unknown lost memories

    Friends and Allies: N/A people die get killed to easily >.>
    Acquaintance: Lucifer Kaziah

    Enemies: Too many

    Character Bio: Waking to an unknown era and realizing he has lost his memories he try’s for day’s to remember but soon hunger takes over him. Though immortal he still needs energy to live, so he opens his mind in search of civilization. Finally locating a village he went to it nothing and no1 had bothered him thank the gods. Once he had arrived he had no money or anything, so he took to thievery for food and a change of clothes and a new cloak, and set out. Taking many roads as he travels he learns he is a very skill fighter and takes to learning many styles of fighting as he encounters. Having lost his memories he takes to learning as much as he can about everything and anything he can.
    Over the years he has made his own weapons with his control over earthly substances, and has also made a name for himself as a mercenary and a bounty hunter. Having made few friends over his time, the closest were Catalina and Rawien and they had since gone separate ways due to the differences in their paths. He learns he enjoys traveling and music and keeps to both to keep a change and to hear more varieties in music. He unexplainably acquired the power to copy others abilities and powers from a demon he had killed. Through his travels he acquires the ability to travel to other realms he practices the ability until he gains a strong grasp of how it works. For his first time traveling to a new  realm he decides to travel to a random realm and ends up in Tá Grá Agam Duit Kingdom, this is where his story begins in this realm. (will suffice to be approved but will add to it)

    Appearance: Normal physical appearance, he is clothed in cloak with a hood, his bo staff strung onto his back. His cloak covers all of his features except his abnormal height. When his cloak is off he stands around 7 foot tall muscular, but not overly so. His face perfectly sculpted with electric glowing blue eyes and semi-long black hair making his eyes stand out, his skin naturally tan. He wears loose fitting jeans but they never fall below his waist, his Kukri  at odds on what looks like his back belt loop. His black leather boots fitting well with his dark colored jeans. Being full of himself, with good reason, is usually always shirtless. His lycan/demi-god form is pure lycan in appearance but no can match his size and a an evil aura surrounds him to the point of being almost visible. His fur Blacker than night but when the light hits it, it reflects the most beautiful spectrum of colors you can imagine, his eyes glow red. He is a shape shifter so he can change any part of his appearance and become any1 or anything he wishes.

    Clothing: Hooded cloak, pants, socks, and boots
    Tattoos/Piercings: Tongue pierced, ancient vampire tattoos cover his body showing his right as king of all vampires but he hides them cause he can’t remember that time.
    Scars: none his body regenerates to fast to leave scars

    Height: Around 7 feet tall
    Weight: about 280 or more
    Eye Color: Glowing electric blue
    Hair Color: Black
    Physical Build: Muscular

    Personality: He’s Generally laid back, he likes to have fun and make sure everyone else is too. He is Hard working and always finishes what he’s started even if he procrastinates. He gets along with just about everyone and probably will gain a lot of friends but just as easily make some enemies. His favorite past time is fighting when he is fighting he is a sadist and a masochist. He dislikes being disrespected he gives every respect until they give him a reason not to.  He has a passion for music and plays some instruments and sings very well, also keeps his mp3 player on him at all times. His anger gets the best of him sometimes but has learned to somewhat control it over his many years.

    Likes: Respect, Food, Music, Sports, Fighting, Cars, Technology, Nature

    Dislikes: being disrespected, being ignored, horrible musicians…

    Color: Black
    Food:  just about anything with sea food
    Dessert: Peanut butter fudge
    Drink: Tea
    Snack: 3 musketeers
    Place: n/a
    Music/Song: Cryin’ Like  a Bitch-Godsmack, but likes all music
    Weapon: Kukri
    Saying: They say when you're about to die, you see your entire life flash before your eyes.
    They lied.
    Time of Day: night
    Time of Year: …..
    Weather: …..

    Fears: (At least 2 fears):Losing people close to him, times end

    Goals: ….

    Habits: Conceitedness, playing with his tongue ring

    Hobbies: Fighting, Learning, Cars, Music

    Strengths: not much he’s not good at

    Weaknesses: To caught in himself at times to pay attention to any1 or anything else, women >.>, his limit is when he reaches the limit of his energy if he passes it he can be killed or be consumed by it.

    Power origin: His power to shape shift he was born with as far as he is aware. His martial skill he learns from masters where ever he has been and wherever he goes. His ability to control all the elements except light was a curse from the god Zues when Gabriel was unlucky enough to fall victim to the gods tricks, the god promised him godhood, but denied him the title and made him a demi god with full control over the elements except light. His control over the elements isn’t limited but he cannot make something it is not. His abnormal speed even for a vampire was an inborn ability. He gained an ability from demon he killed, his power to copy and utilize others powers without taking them away at will. And he is a telepath cursed unto him by the fates which he has pissed off a lot. And he is a Scholar always willing to learn.

    Form Mastery: Mastered all styles of fighting that have come into existence over the years

    Elemental Power:
    Air: able to control its movement making it into thin currents to slice up people and able to blow a brick house down if necessary .
    Water: Able to move it beyond physics and shape it and freeze and un freeze it at will make weapons out of it and defend with it and able to draw air out of it seeming able to breath underwater.
    Earth-Able to reshape anything earthly and able to manipulate the ground but he cannot make something it is clearly not >.>.
    Fire-basic knowledge of how to create it out of the air, and can control movement of existing fire adequately.
    Darkness- Telepathy-able to read others minds and communicate telepathically without every having touched them. Copy powers- able to copy anyone’s powers but must learn to understand them before he can use them otherwise he could mess up and kill or maim himself or others and destroy things. Shape shifting-can change his form to anything he can imagine even change a minor detail about his appearance.

    Adaptability- Its more of a Skill, Analyzing everything about a fight or the person he will or is shifted into his senses are heightened making observation easier and better able to adapt to anything or anyone that comes his way.

    Lycan/Demigod Side is uncaring for any or anything a pure beast that thinks only of destruction I am able to take the form at will but the beast has a mind of its own that I sometimes cannot control.

    Weapons:  Custom made kukri (hilt of the strongest steal and blades of diamond, nothing man made can be sharper as he sharpens it with his ability to control the earthly substances.) infused with his power of air he slices air and it slices anything in its path

    Stats: (Your character's roleplaying stats. They range from 0 to 9 and show us how powerful your character really is. The explanation for each numerical value is coming soon.)
    • Str: 7
    • Du: 9
    • Pw:7
    • Sta: 8
    • Agi: 9
    • Spd: 9
    • Fs: 9
    • Int: 7
    • Wp: 7
    Note: Is not a stat power up one just has less regard for humanity and doesn’t hold back.
    Emotional Stability: Can control his emotions very well though when angered he loses control
    Mental Stability: Completely stable until angered then is uncontrollable.

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