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    Character Data sheet

    First Name: Nightmare
    Middle Name: Lee
    Last Name: Castiel/Kaziah
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Night, Night-hime, Ni-chan, Ni-hime, Bloody Princess, The Forbidden, Soulless, Heartless, The gentle Lotus, Desert Lotus
    Age: 19,666
    Gender: Female

    Sexuality and Status: Straight
    Clan: Kaziah

    Race: Forbidden Creations
    Your creator: Lucifer and Akasha the god of sin and time, and the goddess of nature and souls

    Classification: Pure-Blood Princess, Wonder (she likes to wonder away from her home a lot)

    Home: Alucardia Kingdom
    Possessions: What she holds dear Is her life, her family, and her friends,
    Language: Speaks Latin when mad and old Greek

    Transportation: Rides on her two Tailed Self Electronic Protective Hound, If she doesn’t use him she uses horses, or the black fire bird father got her, or on foot

    -Ancestor: Ametsu
    -Father: Lucifer
    -Mother: Akasha
    -Brother: Oblivion, Strife, Soujirou, Dizryn
    -Sister in Law: Haruka

    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend: Haruka Ren Kaziah
    -Gaurdian’s: Shinzo beta Minamoto, Gregara Gesshoku

    To many

    Character Bio: (at least Four para's long)

    Nightmare was a creation that was forbidden; and Lucifer and Akasha were the ones to make her. Nightmare was first created as a doll with no soul. Lucifer put delicate time into making Nightmare trying to make her the perfect daughter for him and Akasha. Lucifer decided he wanted Nightmare different so he had made her hair black faded into red. Nightmare’s hair was soft as silk and still is. He then gave her eyes to match her hair. Scarlet red eye on the Right eye (looking at computer it’s the left eye) And an onyx black eye on the Left side (looking at computer it’s on the right) Once nightmare’s outer shell of her appearance was done Akasha had taken the soul of an eternal dragon and placed it with in Nightmare’s body. Completing her to now is a complete being like Akasha and Lucifer. Life came flooding into Nightmare’s small body her cheeks turning slightly pink as life was brought to her body. Bone structures and organs began to fill the tinny body what was not flesh on the outside became skin with veins and organs beneath and a heartbeat that emerged from the chest of Nightmare.

    Though the only thing nightmare was able to see before she was taken away from her mother and father and forever wondered what happened was the soft silver hair of her father only. She didn’t even know that was her father. She could only remember white feathers that day surrounding her and taken her high above the middle world to a new world. One that was as if purity had been there like nothing evil have ever dreaded on the surfaces of this world. Nightmare was then throne before the higher gods by a male who had blond hair. Was it the one who taken her away from her creator? She didn’t know. Nightmare stood before wobbly as she looked at these beings that were much larger than her. Them sensing something other than a dragon in her soul they casted her into heaven’s with other angles to learn to become an arch angel. Though Nightmare didn’t know what she was inside the soul that was given to her was the soul of seven arch angels and the seven sins that fused together inside the soul of the eternal dragon.

    This made nightmare a very dangerous being and a very powerful creation at that. While nightmare trained to be an arch angel nightmare had gotten her wings though they weren’t angel like wings. Twelve wings showed how strong the angel was and nightmare had twelve though 6 of them were matlic wings, and the other six black feather wings. From that instant nightmare was out casted. She was told she was a curse to the heavens. Later on when Nightmare proved she was able to be just like other angles she found out that the gods had been hiding who she really was, who her father really was. With the help of three of her friends she found her father was sealed because of her never being born but created. Then came the angle war in the heavens when Nightmare began to strike back with her three friends. Kazagara Akuga the arch angle of power, Takara The arch angle of Wisdom, Zero the arch angle of courage and Strife The angle that had the power of all three the arch angle of the balance.

    As the four of them fought to keep nightmare free like the rest since they wished to put her away into a seal that would prevent nightmare from doing anything and for them to use her abilities. Though Nightmare didn’t expect that Zero her fellow comrade and close friend betrayed her. Zero turned who was close to nightmare killed kazagara Akuga ripping his wings off and tossing him around like a rag doll. After that He killed Takara the female that nightmare was only able to get along with. Nightmare began to panic though she did the only thing she could she began to fight Zero though her heart was not fully into the fight.

    Strife the arch angle then pushed Nightmare out of the way blocking Zero from fully hurting nightmare. Strife turned and then pushed nightmare into the middle world forcing a crystalized substance to wrap around nightmare dragging her into a forbidden city underneath the ground to seal Nightmare away to keep her safe from the gods. Though in the process strife hindered himself and zero had made strife fall from the heavens, and strife had died amongst the humans.

    After about five millenniums Nightmare was awaken by a stranger with sharp green blue eyes and short black hair that resembled strife a lot. Though nightmare didn’t remember anything at all; the male’s name that realsed her was Natsume…A male that was a perfect solider to the government. Also a soldier who disobeyed command and helped nightmare out. Nightmare and Natsume had fallen deeply in love with each other even though the two didn’t show it often how they felt for each other they cared deeply enough they would die for each other. Nightmare later found out that Natsume was no human but the balance of the world who was the embodiment of three gods with in him who fused together to hide the balance. The three gods were life, death, resurrection also dark and light. Natsume was very wanted and so was nightmare. In time as the two traveled and grew closer meeting new people finding Nightmare’s father…natsume realized nightmare had 10 different forms for every soul she had in her body that was fused and one side that was the forbidden all combined. Natsume never liked the fact that side basically had no feelings for anyone only to destroy what was in the way.

    In the end Natsume vanished into the world to save Nightmare from Zafaru who tried ripping nightmare’s soul out of her body and nullifying her into a human. In the end nightmare found nothing but loneliness. Though she still had her friends and she kept moving and kept smiling hopeing one day she would meet Natsume again in her lifetime. Though While she traveled she faced worse people besides Zafaru and found herself having to fuse with all her sides. Nightmare fought herself to gain power of all of her abilities so she didn’t have split sides anymore. Though in the process the forbidden side gave a fight that Nightamre couldn’t defete only by giving in to it and her long locks of black hair faded to red began to show strands of white in her hair.

    The forbidden gave her all powers only to live a lingering hint that Nightmare needed to realize she was a forbidden creature and will someday climb and become strong and find her purpose in the world. Now Nightmare lives in Alucardia with her family only to find herself traveling outside the castle without any permission of her father since she is used to being a free bird. She now controls armies and fights alongside her father to keep peace in their kingdom…only to find out that she is the heart of her brothers…that she is the pure blood that completes her faint blood brothers and if she dies it destroys them since their souls are linked to her as we….Nightmare now searchers for answers to help make her brother pure-bloods just like them and to complete their curses and fix what is wrong with them.

    Appearance: Nightmare has long black hair faded to red that also has strands of white now with in it. Nightmare wares a verity of clothing though her fave color of clothing is black, red, and white. She also has an eye brow pricing above her scarlet red eyes. She also has one onyx black eyes (look at pic) She has a tattoo on her back of a dragon that travels down her spine and the wings up around her shoulder blades. Nightmare has a few scares on her body that often don’t show since they are hardly visible. Her height is around 5’6-5’7. Nightmare barely weights much but most of her weight is due to the muscle built of her body. She has a slender frame like an hourglass. Nightmare Also can look like a goddess in the moonlight sometimes though also Nightmare does cut her long hair to short only for the red to automatically faded back into red. Nightmare also has a mark on her forehead that doesn’t appear often or you see often it’s the mark of the kaziah clan she was born with that is on all of her brothers and her that connects them all.

    Personality: In the beginning Nightmare seems to be crul and doesn’t care much for the people around her. She refuses to get close to her others due to fears that she holds inside. Nightmare once you get to know her is out going she finds pleasure in making mahem and hanging with her friends. Nightmare can be very unstable at times due to the personalities she had and is trying to control them since it’s not easy to control all seven sins and arch angles along with the soul of an eternal dragon with in one’s body. Though nightmare is very venerable to the word love; she still feels pain with in her heart from natsume being gone for good. Nightmare also gets very depressed when seeing couples but puts on a smile a mask to keep everyone happy. Nightmare likes to play tricks on her father as well. So all in all she is fun loveable, but very closed when it comes to showing how she cares about others. She can’t find words how to explain how she feel and she avoids any contact with someone she likes due to the simple fact she feels that all men she likes are the same and will betray her and hurt her in the end. She feels as if all they will do is use her and abuse her cause of her loyalty.

    Though nightmare can be fun loveable, violent, masicstic the whole nine yards. Also nightmare is very very protective of the one’s she cares about

    -spicy foods
    - being around people
    - her family
    - causing touble
    - fighting with brothers
    - festivals
    - looking at the wondrous skies at night
    - dancing in the moonlight when no one is around
    -picking on people she knows

    -people harming the one’s she loves
    - People that lie
    - Traitors
    - people who like to mind fuck her and confuse her
    -Seeing her friends in pain
    -people messing with her home
    -Picking on her friends
    - anyone messing with her people

    Color: Black, red,dark blue, white
    Food: Wasabi, and anything hot and spicy
    Dessert: Dislikes sweets, but will munch on cottage cheese, and cheese cake
    Drink: Orange drinks
    Snack: Jerky
    Place: basking in the moonlight near a lake
    Music/Song: Down down by jay sean
    Weapon: Broad sword that splits it to two dule blades, along with her matalic wings
    Saying: Im innocent I sware!
    Time of Day: Evenings and nights
    Time of Year: Fall
    Weather: Raining, thunder storms and slightly cold out

    -Being forgotten
    - Losing her friends
    - being left behind
    - betrayed
    -being alone forever

    Goals: Find a way to make her brothers have a complete soul, Finding a purpose in her life

    Habits: Causing trouble, Making father mad

    Hobbies: Drawing, Dancing, Sword fighting

    Strengths: Her friends and family, her strong will

    -her mental state ability
    -her closeness with her family and friends

    Power origin: Her soul that possesses the 7 arch angles, 7 sins and an eternal dragon

    Abilities: (I will only name a few since every side of nightmare that is 10 sides had different abilities)

    Bone structure: Nightmare can control the bones in her body to make them into weapons and miniuplate them at will and have her bones re-grow at any time she wishes.

    Fire: Nightmare loves to use fire. You can call her a pyro due to that. Her fire extends in every heat there is even cold fire. The hottest flame she has is invisible to the eye unless you take time to try to see the air shift around it since the fire is clear and at a touch can scold the skin to the bone.

    Blood: Blood Nightmare can use her own blood into a weapon and also can bend blood to her will paralyzing any opponent that comes to her. She is very equipped with this ability due to her father teaching her the tequnique.

    Voice of healing and life: Nightmare doesn’t often use this ability at all. Due to the side effect it has with her body. Using the voice of healing it heals anything or anyone that dies who nightmare choses it can also take away life and also can cause any one to fall asleep to her voice. The side effect greatly damages nightmare’s body due to how much strain it puts on her body.

    Wings of sin: Wings of sin isnt’ as what it says it be. This is basicly nightmare’s miniuplation of her wings. She loves to use her matalic wings to rip into her foes only to rip into their chest cavity and split them as much as she can to see the inners. Her wings are used for the bloodiest part of battle when nightmare sees fit. Also with her wings she can exploited her sinful side to give all who have ever sinned reflect what they have done. Her wings are also a strong shield to protect her as well from things coming straight for her. Basically her wings are a deadly weapon and they can’t be torn off her easily since they are part of her structure.

    Telepathy: Nightmare can tune her thoughts in with others also is able to read the minds of those around her as well. She also can levitate things at will with this ability. One thing nightmare absolutely hates is the foresight that telepathy has given nightmare. Nightmare hates foresight since she can’t tell when or where things will happen since in all of her visions she can’t see a clock calendar or anything. She also has never once stopped one of her visions from coming ture.

    Skills/Abilities: Shown above
    Skills: Swordsmanship
    Specialties: Her wings and minuplation of fire
    Active Talents: Bone structure
    Mastery: With twin blades and the fire element.

    Elemental Power:
    I explained the elemetentle power she uses most up above.

    Weapons: Broad swords, Twin blades, Threads and needs,

    • Str: 6: Class 100 (able to hold up weights in the excess of 100 tons, your character can pick up main battle
    • Du: 8: Multi city block level (your character can survive attacks that can destroy a large portion of a city, a small yield nuclear device for example)
    • Pw: 9: City/mountain buster (A walking nuclear bomb. Your character can level entire mountains and decimate most cities with a single attack)
    • Sta: 5: Inhuman stamina (can fight for multiple days without a stop)
    • Agi: 7: Cat-like agility (someone who moves around with incredible ease and lightness)
    • SP: 8: High Hypersonic (Mach 10-25, space shuttle re-entry speed and the velocity of large ballistic missiles)
    • Fs: 8: Master of all martial arts forms / perfect gunslinger or marksman / master of multiple supernatural arts
    • Int: 7: meta-intelligent/ supercomputer (your character's mind is better than any supercomputer, a living Wikipedia database)
    • Wp: 8: Indomitable will (someone who literally never gives in, the absolutely strongest level of telepaths)

    Emotional Stability: She isn’t very good with emotional statbility she needs to try to have more control

    Mental Stability: She is a completely wreck but she does keep her mental statabilitiy under control as much as possible

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