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    First Name: Oblivion
    Middle name: Chaos
    Last Name: Kaziah
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: The chaos dragon, dimension dragon, Blivi, Blivi-bear, Ouji-sama, Prince Oblivion, the faint blood

    Age: 12,669
    Gender: Male

    Sexuality and Status: Bi-sexual

    Clan: Kaziah

    Race: Forbidden Creations
    Your creator: Lucifer Kaziah

    Classification: Prince, General
    Home: Alucardia Kingdom
    Possessions: Photo of his wife and kids
    Language: English, German, Latin

    Transportation: a black and green Kawasaki ZX10R Ninja

    -Ancestor: Ametsu
    -Father: Lucifer Kaziah
    -Brothers: Strife, Soujirou
    -Sister: Nightmare
    - Wife: Haruka

    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend: Saiken Biju

    Enemies: To many

    Character Bio: Oblivion was a creation of Lucifer. He was created after nightmare after Lucifer freed himself from the chains the other gods have placed upon him. When oblivion was being created oblivion was given a description of what Lucifer wanted his first son to look like. Oblivion was born from the womb of dead women. Lucifer who had begun to replace the soul of the almost dead child created and persevered this child. Though Lucifer could not complete the soul of the child. The child was left with an incomplete soul and a curse branded to him. On the back of the child’s neck was the mark of Lucifer.

    Later on in the later years of oblivion's life he had a side called phantom who he later contained and kept with in his body. Witch made oblivion's hair go green faded into a blue his skin white as snow and his eyes blood red with black around where the white had been. Oblivion was known as the first faint blood prince of Alucardia Kingdom. Though oblivion's curse grew stronger and more out of control Oblivion was cursed to where he was a dimension dragon and the simple fact that if he loved...he had to kill the one he loved to keep balance in the world. Later on he had met up with his pure blood sister and continue to fight her trying to become a pure blood to overcome his curse. Though they were almost equally matched.

    Nightmare and Oblivion used an agreement to post pone the curse and she would take it into her body since she had already lost her lover. Oblivion let the curse burden on to nightmare who had sealed it away with in her body. Giving oblivion the chance to find love, and he did. Oblivion had fallen in love with a lycan princess who he married and had several kids to. Now he resides at the castle with his lover and family helping his father out with as much as he can and try’s to sustain peace in the place even though his sister is a handful with in the castle and likes to wonder outside and to other kingdoms far too often.

    Appearance: Oblivion has medium length hair that flows to his neck. Its Green faded into blue and his skin is as pale as the snow. His eyes are blood red with the surrounding white black. Oblivion has a few scares on his body due to all the fighting he had dealt with. His height is about 6'5 and his weight not even he knows. His body is firmly built to an almost complete prefect proportion of muscle and bone density as if he was a god himself. Oblivion has a mark of his clan on the back of his neck that is hidden by his hair most of the time and usually has a tattoo his face that seems to come and go. Oblivion ware's punk ware and loves to seem dark and gloomy though it is often that he wears some good colors. The most colors he wears is green, blue and red and sometimes black to match his outlook.

    Personality: Oblivion's personality is kind of unique. His outlook towards the world is that is unsteady and needs fixing. He has a cocky attitude and is very protective of his loved ones. Oblivion does have a softer side that he only show to haruka most of the time. He finds himself in many battles cause of his comments that he makes towards many who think they are higher than him in rank. Oblivion is a smart ass and is very clueless sometimes, he also jumps to conclusions all the time and wants everything his way or the high way except when it comes his family. Oblivion is a very dominate soul and strives to be the best at everything and strives to match with his sister someday. Oblivion is very lovable and shows a very weak side when he takes care of his children. He is also very blind at some points and doesn't pay much attention to common sense things and gets himself in to trouble with it most of the time.
    -hanging with his friends
    -cuddling with his lover
    -fighting with his sister and brothers
    - trying to prove his father wrong
    - hanging out with his best friend saiken

    - seeing his wife cry
    -making his wife worry
    -making his family worry

    Color: Green and blue
    Food: Lasagna
    Dessert: Strawberry cheese cake
    Drink: Monster
    Snack: Coconut pokey
    Place: Basking on the roof of the castle
    Music/Song: nickleback/three doors down not to late saving me remix
    Weapon: Short duel blades
    Saying: "Family is everything when its all you have left in the world"
    Time of Day: Evenings
    Time of Year: spring
    Weather: snowing

    -Losing his wife/upsetting her
    -failing the few people he has and holds dear

    Goals: Become the best father/lover and to make sure his kingdom is safe

    Habits: Not noticing things and ends up getting in trouble
    -not paying attention
    Hobbies: relaxing, fighting, playing with his kids

    Strengths: His will and the love of his women

    -his family
    -his incomplete soul

    Power origin: His soul given to him by Lucifer
    Abilities: (not all of them)
    Dimension traveling: Oblivion is able to jump through dimensions and also have his own dimension where he can feel safe. He basically sends people into different dimensions as a resort he can't fight them. Thus when he travels through dimensions he turns in to a large dragon until he comes back to his original dimension.

    Telekinetic: This ability only gives him the ability to create force failed and high level power waves that is like a ticking time bomb

    Rift tearing: Oblivion can tear into time and space when he feels the need to do so as well.

    Poison/acid: Is one of the abilities Oblivion learned how to do on his own controlling and making his blood stream into acid and use his blood like a whip to disintegrate everything he so desirers if not immune to acids and poisons

    Skills: Mastery of Bows, Short swords, broad swords, knife throwing
    Specialties: Acid uses age
    Mastery: Teleportation of dimensions

    Elemental Power: Fire and water
    powers are labeled above no need for more description

    Also if you have a split side like my character does Describe what that other self is like and describe how you developed it and what that side can do. We do not need repeats of any kind so do not steal off other characters.

    Weapons: swords, bows, short swords.

    • Str: 8
    • Du: 6
    • Pw: 9
    • Sta: 6
    • Agi:8
    • Spd: 4
    • Fs: 8
    • Int: 3
    • Wp: 7
    Emotional Stability: He can handle most of the time
    Mental Stability: somewhat able to handle well

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