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    First Name: Nikoli
    Last Name : Kaziah
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Nick, Niko, Koli,iko


    Gender: Male

    Sexuality and Status: Straight/Single

    Clan: Kaziah

    Race: Dragon, and lycan

    Classification: Young Prince/Warrior

    Home: Alucardia
    Possessions: Mp3 player, swords, his cell phone because his mother wont let him go anywhere without it
    Language: Dragontongue, and some other ancient languages that he feels he has no use for.

    Transportation: By foot, sometimes takes his dad’s motorcycle without permission.

    -Ancestor: Lucifer Kaziah
    -Father: Oblivion Kaziah
    -Mother: Haruka Ren Kaziah
    -Twin sister: Nikita
    -siblings oldest to youngest:Yusuke Kaziah, Nikoli Kaziah Nikita Kaziah, Azumaria Kaziah, Johanna Kaziah, Able Kaziah, Aiden Kaziah, Zeriea Kaziah

    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend: Nightmare Lee Castiel (his aunt)

    Enemies:As far as he is aware there is no one that couldn’t like him,

    Character Bio: Born as the son of Haruka Ren Kaziah and Oblivion Kaziah. Growing up he has always been a mischief maker and pulling pranks and getting in trouble. His twin sister not being much of a fighter and being his twin he had always protected her and still does. Though he doesn’t tell or show his family often he loves them, he does and would kill anyone who brought harm to them especially his sister and aunt who are the closest to him. Since he was twelve he has always had an interest in girl’s but doesn’t flirt or talk to many girls when his mom is around. He has spent most of his life within the castle apart from a few times he had snuck off with his Aunt Nightmare and was told he was grounded to eternity for running off. As usual mom’s punishments never stuck to eternity but they did last a very long time. One of his favorite past time was changing to his dragon form and bar-b-quing guards and occasionally eating them as well which both his mother and grandfather had chastised verbally.

    The one person he would like to spend time with is his grandfather having seen him a lot but his grandfather always being busy Niko never tried to bother him. Also he wanted to learn some things from his Grandfather who was the king of Alucardia about politics, some of his techniques for fighting and seeing if he had inherited any powers from him. Also knowing his grandfather had been king for a very long time he had hoped one day he would step down and maybe then if niko strived hard enough and worked hard enough that he would be the next king if noone else objected. But being a kid he was allowed to dream, and dream he did. Once fourteen he felt he had a lot of responsibilities and often procrastinated doing them, but he always made sure they were taken care of. Any boys that had liked his sister or try asking her out he had always interfered without telling anyone threating to maim them if they hurt her.


    Taking after his father in height he stood around 6’1 at his young age, his body well built

    due to his hard work and strict training he holds himself to, he weighs around two hundred and thirty pounds. A tattoo of his clan that he tricked a tatoo artist into giving him on his right pec which he hasn’t shown anyone yet. Against his mother’s wishes he also got snake bite piercings making his smile all the more alluring. His facial features similar to that of his grandfather’s, as close to perfect as any teen could hope to have and he used his appearance well. Being able to change his features his hair is green fading into purple and his eyes blood red like his father’s sometimes making them emerald green like in his dragon form. The difference of between him and his twin sister were those he changed himself and the obvious male and female body structure.

    His lycan form similar to his mother’s dark purple fur with blood red paw tips and his eyes emerald green by choice keeping him from being confused with anyone. His size towers his mother and as a lycan that is saying something. His dragon form small in comparison to his father but large in comparison to any dragon under one thousand years of age. His scales shiny and black with a blood red tint, his claws white as ivory, his eyes glowing emerald green naturally his wings large and black.

    Personality: Generally a mischief maker and not wanting to conform to any rules he gets into a lot of trouble. He has a habit of procrastinating at times but whatever needs done always gets done. He has set tough goals for himself and is ready to work his hardest to achieve those goals. Training his mind, body, skills and abilities every day in private most of the time but occasionally with his family or some of the more skilled guards. One day he would like to match or win a match against his father, then in his mind he will be a very capable fighter, unlike now he considers himself an ok fighter. Though he is a mischief maker he never lets on to anyone how hard he works at everything. He purposely loses to his older siblings he spars with letting on that his fighting skill is less when it may be more but he isn’t willing test it just yet, hating the idea of hurting his family members


    Annoying his family
    Causing Mischief



    Chillin with his aunt
    Disappointing his family



    Color: Blood red
    Food: Shrimp scampi
    Dessert: anything chocolate and sweet
    Drink: Sprite
    Snack: pudding
    Place: The Sky
    Music/Song: American bad ass-kidrock

    Weapon: Twin Long sword’s similar look to Sephiroth’s sword from Final Fantasy
    Time of Day: Dead of Night
    Time of Year: the year it is dark all night
    Weather: Cloudy but not rainy

    Fears: Losing the people he cares about, Angering his father, mother and grandfather.

    Goals: To be able to spar and beat his father, To be king , Protect his twin sister

    Habits: Playing with his piercings, Changing his features

    Hobbies: Mischief, cars, fighting, getting in trouble

    Strengths: Martial Skill, Self control,

    Weaknesses: Lack of experience, over confidence

    Power origin: Dragon/lycan/Hybrid
    From his mother he has the ability of shadow manipulation which he still needs to learn to control but he can move through the shadows and use them to bring a shadow to become solid.

    From his mother he has a healing ability but not like any other he is able to heal only himself instantantiously.

    From his father he is able to control the elements of fire and water. He is able to manipulate their shape and move them through the air at any rate of speed, also he can create fire out of thin air.

    Also from his father he has the ability of dimensional travel he also changes into a dragon while in other dimensions. He usually uses it to drop from this dimension while fighting and appearing in a different location in the dimension he pulls himself out as fast as he is it makes him seem impossibly fast.

    An ability he can claim as his own apart from his mother and father is his ability to shape shift. The only complete shifts hes been able to do is to his dragon and lycan forms, and change his features slightly.

    Another ability he can claim for his own is the ability to make anything disappear and appear at will allowing him to pull any weapon food or thing his mother doesn’t allow him to have. (he hasn’t shared this ability with anyone except his twin sister)

    Force/Magic Abilities:

    Explained above
    Elemental Power:
    explained above

    Weapons: His twin long swords, the blades thin as can be and as wide as his pinky the material almost indestructable.

    • Str:5

    • Du: 6
    • Pw: 5
    • Sta: 6
    • Agi: 7
    • Spd: 5
    • Fs:7
    • Int: 8
    • Wp: 9

    Misc: His stats grown as he ages due to his steadfast training and studying.
    Emotional Stability: Being young his emotions are hard to control at times, but is able to control them til he is alone.
    Mental Stability: Being young this has never come into question but is easily annoyed by idiots.

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