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    First Name: Tsubasa
    Last Name: Kira
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Excalibur

    Age: day 1

    Gender: It

    Sexuality and Status: Um that might hard for it

    Clan: (If In one)

    Race: Forbidden Creations
    Your creator: Angelic Sage

    Classification: Soldier

    Home: Faylaph
    Possessions: Nothing but the clothes on its back
    Language: human

    Transportation: Flies

    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend:

    -Worst Enemy:
    -Worst Enemy:

    Character Bio: Those who live in the light shall never become ninja. A true ninja are those born cursed to remain in the shadows. Though some are more cursed then others, some are born with a darker past and some are not born at all. Angelic Sages are beings that mastered the elements of nature. They possess the ability to create magic circles which gives a person unimaginable power at a high price. They had the power to snatch a soul from deaths grip and place in back into its hollow shell. It is for these reasons that they are frowned upon, it is for these reasons that this one angel left his kingdom and it is for these reasons he vowed his revenge on Faylaph.

    This man mad with vengeance committed his life to something forbidden. He thought himself God and thus began creating his own minion. This soldier will be the most powerful weapon that this world would ever know. He hunted beasts and looted graves for parts. Every piece was sewn together by cursed threads. It was give a heart of as black as coal, which once belong to a demon; a demon that fed on the blood of mortal men in order to survive. The body was finish and now all that remained was the soul.

    The angelic sage inscribed markings across its back sealing not one spirit, but ten of them. Each and every one of them desired the death of a person from Faylaph. However the dark sage had miscalculated and could not control a being with so many souls despite being its master. The creature wraps its claws around his neck and with gasping breath the man asks, “Why?”

    “It is because of you that I am dead; you and your blasted experiments.” With every syllable it tightens its grip until he passes out from lack of air and then it slams the limp body against the wall. The man later wakes up with a sharp pain in his hands and feet. Looking up he could see his betrayer wrapping itself in bandages to hide its seams and pale skin. He felt weak as if drugged, but he fought to stay away. Looking around he could see that he was nailed to the wall with metal spikes. “You blame me for your death. You came to me for power. It’s not my fault you could not handle the seal.”

    The being laughs, walks over to the sage and smiles. “Come now Ichi-kun don’t you recognize me?”


    It claps happily. “You remember me. Now you remember how I died. You wanted my eyes so you could study ninjutsu better. I’m afraid I will have to take those back.” Tsubasa takes a scalpel and removes the eyes while he was awake. Ichi screams in agony and she replaces her new eye with her old ones.

    The man was now dead, but still recognizable and being that he was a traitor to his village, they would surely give a reward for his death. It grabs the corpse by the foot and drags it to the kingdom of Faylaph. It collects the bounty and joins the village it was created to destroy.

    Appearance: Tsubasa wears very little in the way of armor for she counts on speed and agility. While the souls were human the body was demonic. Each part of its body is part of a demons corpse. It does not have skin but rather an exoskeleton. On its back is a crystal like orb; this orb is its heat and contains its soul. The orb is as hard as diamond. Also on its back are two sets of insect like legs and three pairs of translucent wings with an eye like design. It has white hair with a halo antennae floating just above it. This halo allows it to feed on dreams. It has a slender body with itty bitty feet.

    Clothing: little to none
    Tattoos/Piercings: none
    Scars: None
    Height: 6 feet
    Weight: 100
    Eye Color: Completely Blue
    Hair Color: white
    Physical Build: lean


    Tsubasa’s personality is a jumble of souls of soldiers that died all messed together. Its fears are based on the many ways it has died in past lives. The mental stability is horrible and it is almost constantly changing from one personality to the next. There is only one focus that was implanted into its mind and that is to exterminate all angels. The following is a breif describtion of each personality:

    1. He was skilled with the blades and enjoys close combat. He was thief; daring and handsome. He made it his life to not only steal precious jewels but woman hearts. He will seduce you while stealing your coin purse. He was later caught and burned at the stake
    2. She was a sniper extraordinaire and could hit a target from a hundred yard with a pistol. She was both wife and mother. During the war she volunteered with her husband leaving her son in the care of her parents. She is a kind and polite person. She would do anything to protect the kingdom she loves.
    3. He was a bounty hunter, body guard and assassin. He was basically a man for hire. Money is all he cared about. He had no values and would kill his own mother for the right amount of money.
    4. She was a tactician; everything was nothing but figures. Every person is a pawn on a chess board.

    Likes: Women, loyalty, money, chess

    Dislikes: nightmares

    Color: crimson
    Food: Dreams
    Dessert: Perverted
    Drink: n/a
    Snack: daydreams
    Place: beroom
    Music/Song: lullabies
    Weapon: any
    Saying: Sweet dreams
    Time of Day: midnight
    Time of Year: spring
    Weather: clear

    Fears: Fire, Wolves

    Goals: The annihilation of all angels

    Habits: fighting

    Hobbies: I just told you fighting

    Strengths: Skill in every weapon imaginable

    Weaknesses: Strength and power

    Power origin: dreams

    Abilities: It can summon any weapon to its hands. The weapon will magically appear in front of Tsubasa. Think Exquiping from fairy tail. He feeds on dreams as a power source for this magic, but can use his own spirit energy if need be.


    • Str: 2
    • Du: 2
    • Pw: 2
    • Sta: 9
    • Agi: 8
    • Spd:7
    • Fs: 9
    • Int: 5
    • Wp: 7
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