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    First Name: Nikita
    Last Name: Kaziah

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality and Status: Straight, Single

    Clan: Kaziah

    Race: Lycan/Dragon

    Classification: Medic

    Home: Alucardia
    Possessions: a starter medical kit fanny pack
    Language: English, slight German (from mother)

    Transportation: By foot

    -Father: Oblivion Chaos Kaziah
    -Mother: Haruka Ren Kaziah
    -Sisters: Azamaria Kaziah, Johanna Kaziah, Zeriea Kaziah
    -Brothers: Yusuke Kaziah, Nikoli Kaziah, Able Kaziah, Aiden Kaziah
    -Uncles: Saiken Biju, Strife Kaziah, Soujirou Kaziah
    -Aunt: Nightmare Castiel
    -Grandfathers: Lucifer Kaziah, Cloud Darkheart
    -Grandmother: Alice Abyss

    Friends and Allies:
    -Mentor: Haruka Ren Kaziah (mother)

    Character Bio: Nikita is the first daughter of Haruka and Oblivion Kaziah. She
    was born with a twin brother, Nikoli Kaziah, on the 28th of October.
    She loves eating lollipops and can always be seen eating one, cherry flavored
    ones mostly. Nikita likes being independent and running off to do her own
    thing, that whenever drama comes up in or around the family, she’ll keep her
    distance mainly due to the fact she prefers not to be or get involved. In her
    spare time when she’s not making medicine or being trained by her mother to be
    a medic, she likes to go down by the lake side and either sit by the water
    enjoying the cool water breeze or she’ll stand somewhere near the lake and play
    her violin. The time she feels most at peace within herself is during the
    morning shortly after sunrise. She can usually be seen sitting outside on a
    nice sunny morning, enjoying the morning breeze and listening to music she

    Nikita does not like seeing her loved ones hurt, and does her best to help and
    comfort them. Besides being close with her mother, she is also close with her
    twin brother Nikoli. Even though all of Nikoli’s misbehavior and bad habits do
    tend to annoy her at times, she still does her best to help her twin and make
    sure he doesn’t get himself in too deep of a mess.

    Clothing: varies
    Tattoos/Piercings: ears pierced
    Scars: none
    Height: 5’1”
    Weight: 128
    Eye Color: Hot Pink
    Hair Color: Dark Purple fading into a Bright Green
    Physical Build: Skinny/Average

    Personality: Energetic and very independent, she likes to go off and her own
    thing most of the time. She really dislikes it when people interrupt her while
    she’s in middle of doing something, like practicing making better medicines.
    She likes to be focused on one thing at a time, while still having her space
    and time to herself. Hates drama and usually prefers not to be or get involved
    in any drama that’s going on around the family. The minute there’s a lot of
    drama, she is gone. Even though she’s not that strong physically wise, she is
    strong emotional wise, but can still have a break down just like any other
    living being.

    Music (mainly Rock, Instrumental, and Classical)
    climbing trees
    the Violin & the Viola

    spicy & bitter food

    Color: Green
    Food: Chicken Alfredo (Fettuccine or Farfalle)
    Dessert: Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream
    Drink: Chocolate Milk
    Snack: Lollipops
    Place: Beach
    Music/Song: Explosive (by Bond)
    Saying: “Nobody is perfect, our flaws is what makes each and every one of us
    unique in our own way.”
    Time of Day: Dawn
    Time of Year: Winter
    Weather: Breezy

    Fears: Heights

    Goals: To be a great medic like her mom, and for her father to be proud of her.

    Habits: Having a lollipop stick in her mouth at all times.

    Hobbies: Photography, Singing/Karaoke, Video Games, Playing the Violin

    Strengths: Support from her family

    Weaknesses: refusal to fight (like her mother) and lollipops

    Power origin: Genealogy

    Abilities: able heal minor wounds
    Specialties: making medicine

    Elemental Power: Water; Uses water to boost healing abilities.

    • Str: 1
    • Du: 3
    • Pw: 1
    • Sta: 6
    • Agi: 9
    • Spd: 9
    • Fs: 0
    • Int: 7
    • Wp: 6

    Emotional Stability: She’s good at controlling her emotions.
    Mental Stability: She’s very stable mentally.
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