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    The Lost God. Empty The Lost God.

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    First Name: Damon
    Last Name Kaziah
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: The Lost God, Lost Prince, DK.

    Age: Only his mother knows his real age

    Gender: He

    Sexuality and Status: Straight

    Clan: Abandon

    Race: Demi-God

    Classification: Demi-God

    Home: None
    Possessions: A necklace that is his mothers,

    Transportation: Horse back, Teleportation, Wings.
    Family: Kaziah's
    -Father: He Will Never Know.
    -Mother: Loving Princess
    -Sister: never met any

    Friends and Allies:-------
    -Best Friend: Jacob Extacy
    -Mentor/Friend: ---------
    -Mentor/Friend: ---------
    -Friend: -------------
    -Friend: -----------
    -Friend: ------------
    -Friend: ---------

    -Worst Enemy: ---------
    -Worst Enemy: ------------
    -Enemy: ---------
    -Enemy: --------

    Character Bio: He remembers seeing his mother running, his infant body in her arms as men ran after her, screams, yells, his mothers blood covering her. He cried out, and all time slowed, his mother stopped runing and looked behind her seeing they where running at a slow past, she looked down at her white and red haired son and smiled. "you really are your fathers son." that was the last he ever heard his mothers voice, they got away and his mother raised him away from harm. always keeping him hidden.

    After he become a teenager he asked his mother why he wasnt allowed outside. He asked if it was because he was different she sat him down and told him everything, of how he came to be. Who his father was, in that instant he grew to hate the people he longed to see. His family. His mother was nearly killed for even having him. From that moment on he left his mothers side, in a silent sware he would return every chance he could. It is to protect her and let her live without hiding.From that moment, he searched for his father.

    Appearance:Medium length white hair with his bangs fading to red. Blacked out eyes that where a mis of gold and purple. His skin was a tan color, and he normally had on a black leather jacket, a button up shirt under it color veriying and black jeans with a white belt.
    Tattoos/Piercings: on both arms he has tan tribal markings.
    Scars: on his chest and back from fighting.
    Height: six foot three
    Weight: 150
    Eye Color: purple and golden
    Hair Color: white and red
    Physical Build: lean yet muscular

    Personality:He is an asshole, just like his best friend who is actually nicknames Alpha Asshole by him. He is silent mostly and doesnt like to talk but when he does its sarcastic and rude.

    Likes: Sitting in quite places, reading, fighting, drugs.

    Dislikes: being told what to do

    Color: blue
    Food: pizza
    Dessert: pie
    Drink: alcohol
    Snack: sex
    Place: on top of buildings
    Music/Song: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    Weapon: metal claws that extend from his arms when he fights.
    Saying: "you bore me."
    Time of Day: Twilight
    Time of Year: Winter
    Weather: Cold.

    Fears: Losing his mother. Not being accepted by his family

    Goals: To find his father

    Habits: smoking

    Hobbies: making things

    Strengths: peoples fear and anger

    Weaknesses: seeing people happy, seeing happy familys.

    Abilities: Slow time not completely stop, uses light orbs and is extreamly fast. he draws his power from his enemy's anger, pain, and fear.

    When extreamly angry his skin turns to a deep purple and his eyes glow golden, his hair truns completely white.

    Weapons: hands.

    Stats: (Your character's roleplaying stats. They range from 0 to 9 and show us how powerful your character really is. The explanation for each numerical value is coming soon.)
    • Str:7 (your character's strength attribute. Implies how much physical power one can exert.)
    • Du:9 (Durability. Implies how much physical punishment your character can withstand.)
    • Pw:8 (power. How much destruction your character can cause?)
    • Sta:8 (Stamina. How long your character can fight until exhaustion?)
    • Agi: 9(Agility. Shows your character's nimbleness, mobility and dexterity.)
    • Spd:6 (Speed. How fast your character can run and move around in combat?)
    • Fs:6 (Fighting skill. Implies your character's expertise in combat.)
    • Int:6 (Intelligence. Shows your character's smarts and knowledge.)
    • Wp:9 (Willpower. Shows your character's strength of will and/or skills with mental powers.)

    Emotional Stability: excellent control
    Mental Stability horrible control
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    The Lost God. Empty Re: The Lost God.

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    You need a background and fill out the rest of the info before your approved

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