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    First Name: Kyron
    Last Name: Majare
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Crow, Joker, Ky
    Age: 210, looks around 18

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality and Status: Straight and single

    Clan: None

    Race: Vampire

    Do you have a Familiar? No
    What type of blood lust do you have? Medium, can go for 3 days without his drink of choice. He does not care where he gets his blood from.
    Who has bitten you? An unknown ancient vampire
    Where you born a vampire? No

    Classification: Assassin, thief, game master
    Home: None
    Possessions: Silver throwing knives, silver daggers, deck of cards, dice, a book, money pouch, vials of blood, a cross necklace.
    Language: English

    Transportation: Walking, and shifting into mist.

    -Ancestor: Unknown
    -Adopted Father: Cross Majare
    -Mother: Unknown
    -Sister: Unknown

    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend: Cross Majare
    -Mentor/Friend: Cross Majare

    -Worst Enemy: The vampire who turned him

    Character Bio: Kyron and his family were walking home when he was about 7 years old when a heavy mist set in. The mist separated Kyron from his family, when the mist rolled out he saw an old man holding his Fathers severed head and drinking the last drops of blood. Kyron screamed and fled, but the old man was faster. He caught him and bit his neck, if not for another vampires interruption he would have died. The memories of that night were too painful so Kyron blocked them all out, except the vampire who turned him.
    The vampire who saved him was named Cross Majare and adopted Kyron as his son. Kyron lived under Cross's tutelage and learned the ways of a game master. Traveling from town to town gambling in hotels, bars, anywhere the owner would let them. Later Kyron left his adoptive father to spread his own wings, as an assassin. Kyron offered his skills in exchange for information. He used the skills his adoptive father taught him to earn his money. Kyron adopted the assassin persona of Crow, or Joker depending on where he was. He never sticks to one place as that draws the unwanted gaze of the law to his door. After every job he leaves his mark, a joker playing card with a crow on its shoulder.

    Appearance: Kyron usually wears a long black cloak, black jacket, white dress shirt, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. He keeps a cross around his neck in memento of his lost family. He keeps his hair which is long and bluish black out of his eyes by wearing it in a pony tail. His eyes are golden, he has no scars, and no tattoos. He is about 6 foot tall with no fat on him just lean muscle. He barely weighs 180 pounds. He does keep special black leather sheaths underneath his clothes that hold is numerous silver daggers and throwing knives.

    Personality: Kyron is a very distant person, is often considered rude because of this. He despises loud and annoying people, going so far as to threaten to kill them to shut them up. Kyron will rarely speak to anyone outside of his jobs and keeps to himself reading or listening. When Gambling Kyron becomes happier remembering Cross and what he taught him. When someone becomes close to Kyron he often goes out of his way to protect them. Opening up to these people he reveals a sensitive and happier side to himself. He often has been considered overprotective by these people. He goes so far as to sit on the roofs of their residences at night protecting them from any perceived threat.

    Likes: Reading, music, sharpening his knives, and Gambling.

    Dislikes: Vampires who exist only to drink blood, annoying people, the sun, and bad literature.

    Color: Red
    Food: Adores pizza but cannot keep it down with his new digestive system.
    Dessert: Has a weakness for caramel
    Drink: Blood
    Snack: Caramel hard candies
    Place: A calm lake
    Music/Song: Classical violin
    Weapon: Silver daggers, silver throwing knives
    Saying: Life is a gamble, sometimes you win sometimes you loose.
    Time of Day: Night
    Time of Year: Winter
    Weather: Rain

    Fears: The sun, and betrayal.

    Goals: To kill the vampire who bit him and start a family.

    Habits: Sharpening his knives, flipping a coin, and chewing the inside of his cheek.

    Hobbies: Gambling, knife fighting, knife throwing, and reading.

    Strengths: His knife fighting knowledge, assassination skills, and his ability to read a situation.

    Weaknesses: The sun, the reach of his daggers, and his refusal to fight a woman.

    Power origin: Vampire

    Abilities: Mesmerize, shift into mist
    Skills: Knife Fighting, Knife throwing.
    General competence: Sword fighting
    Specialties: Quick clean assassinations, draining blood dry.
    Active Talents: Stealth, better eyesight at night, and a quick mind.
    Mastery: Knife fighting, knife throwing.

    Force/Magic Abilities: Mesmerize, Shift into mist.
    Elemental Power: None
    Mesmerize: Kyron can mesmerize his target for awhile by looking into their eyes, this makes the person his slave for a few minutes. Only those who possess strong wills can break his hold without outside help.
    Shift into mist: Kyron can change his body into mist for a few minutes. Daylight has no effect on him when he shifts into mist. The downside is that he cannot control where he goes in the form of mist. Only the wind or movement through the mist can change his direction.
    Weapons: Silver daggers, silver throwing knives

    • Str: 6
    • Du: 5
    • Pw: 5
    • Sta: 6
    • Agi: 8
    • Spd: 6
    • Fs: 8
    • Int: 7
    • Wp: 7
    Emotional Stability: Has a good grip on his emotions and rarely betrays his feelings.
    Mental Stability: Has perfect mental control, except when he has flashbacks to the night his family was killed.
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