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    Character Data sheet

    First Name:Synester
    Last Name Shadows
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Synnie, Syn, Syn Syn, Syn Bear

    Age: 21

    Gender: He

    Sexuality and Status:straight

    Clan: Shadows

    Race: Demon

    What type of demon:  Demon Prince

    Classification: Assassin/Fighter Hybrid

    Home: Unknown, Abandoned as a child
    Possessions: Dead Masters Kunai Box
    Language: English

    Transportation: Dark Wings

    -Father: Deceased by own hand
    -Mother: Deceased by own hand

    Friends and Allies:
    -Mentor/Friend: Nightmare Lee Castiel

    -Worst Enemy:
    -Worst Enemy:

    Character Bio:The Synful Story:

    Syn Shadows was born into a family of fighters and assassins... at the age of 5, he had to choose a side to stay on... if he was a fighter he would learn the most devastating of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat and unlock his inner chi and be able to control the element that lied within himself, however, as an assassin he was to kill when asked, no questions asked, no regrets, no hesitation or he would be the one killed instead... the decision was clear to him... that night he made an escape from the family and the family searched for hours and during that night rain and lightning came from the sky, that meant someone would die that night... he ran across an unstable bridge almost falling off into a river until someone whom he did not recognize saved him and the person was a female whom was a cross between a fighter and an assassin, she said to him: "time for you to follow in my footsteps"

    Syn Shadows spent the next 10 years with the mysterious woman, they went on missions together, they became close to one another, they knew each other inside and out, they trained side by side together until she had nothing left to teach him, he was then tested by her in an all-out fight to the death, it was the hardest thing that he had to do, at the age of 9 he was a talented martial artist, but he still lacked in the ability to kill someone. His Master felt Syn was ready to make it on his own, but he always had doubt in his true latent potential, so the fight commensed the way they met, rain and lightning came to the sky as the trees and background became dark he gave it his all to fight her, he was beaten, bruised, and scarred, but something inside him gave him an unnatural ability to keep going and he healed quick... as he dismantled his Master, he left her there unconcious and didnt have the courage to kill her but as he was about to leave his parents showed up, his mother an assassin, and his father a fighter, he had no emotional attachment to go near them and love them, but as they headed toward his unconcious master he held in all his doubts and fought them his inner chi and element coming out... it was water. and he gathered the water from the air into a ball an made a destructive bomb from it an he killed his father, an then as his mother saw what happened she left with one last phrase to say to him: "In 4 years, your death is coming from me" As his master came too and saw that he killed his father, she said to him: "You're a natural fighter, but you emotional attachment makes you doubt your abilities to kill" She was older than him by 5 years and she had to train him soully in the arts of killing as assassins werent a force to take lightly.

    4 years pasted and Syn became a stronger man by the deaths he caused by his own hand, he was ready to face his mother and unlock his spiritual domain or in other words, gain his right of passage into becoming a true assassin, his mother appeared at the same site where he single handedly killed his father with the power of water, the fight commensed his mother was heartless as she was lethal, he watched her movements carefully to find an opening but as he studied her she came close and sliced the top of his chest close to his heart but missed by a tenth of an inch and he panted heavily as she came in to kill her own son, but as that was about to happen, his Master came in and took a fatal hit to her heart from the sword that his mother used her last words to Syn were this: "you have the knowledge and the skills, just use them to your advantage Syn, I... love... you..." his master laid death at his feet and anger grew from his eyes as his ability to heal up naturally was increased and was unnaturally quick he dismantled his mothers sword and struck her in a vital point with his left hand and the hand seal of his ying-yang sign made it to where his body was unsealed strength and speed at an unnatural rate and he single handedly beat his mother too the ground and as he was going to kill her she said: "See you in hell" he took his masters kunai set and daggers and made a 360 stabbing into her heart and took his master to a graveyard for a proper burial, his assassin ability turned out to be a second form of himself that was more powerful and agile than ever... but he finished burying his master and craved into her headstone with her own daggers these following words: "A True Warrior, A True Master, and One Synful Sacrifice" Syn now wanders the earth in search of a way to resurrect his dead master.
    As he wandered the earth for many years he had given up his hope to resurrect his dead master... so no hes in search of a new female to take over as his combat instructor of the assassin side that he now longs to achieve perfection at... his fighter side is used only for self-defense, he must master his assassin skills in order to become a ruthless killer with a heart of gold...
    (Give us a general description about your character in brief, preferably including his or her past.)

    Virtuous Form:>Skin: Pale
    Hair: White with Green highlights
    Eyes: Pale Blue with Green outline
    Piercings: Snake Bites
    Tattoos: Left Hand Ying-yang/Eight Trigrams symbol Alias: Eternal Dusk Bringer 
    The Astral Form:
    Name: Synester Shadows
    Hair color: Black with fiery Red highlights and Orange tips
    Eyes: Hazy Orange to Bright Deluded Orange

    Clothing: White/Black shirts on occasion blue. Grey or White jeans, ninja shoes, taped gloves
    Tattoos/Piercings: Snake bites, and Yin-Yang seal on left hand to withhold the Astral form
    Scars: N/A
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Eye Color: Astral form: Hazy Orange. Normal: Pale Blue
    Hair Color: Astral form: Black with Orange highlights and Red tips. Normal: White with forest green highlights and blue tips
    Physical Build: Slender

    Personality: Astral Form Personality: Malicious, Unmerciful, Sinister, Ominious, wants to rule the world in darkness and anguish. The Abyss Blade trails black flames when his mood is angry. very arrogant, tends to get careless around female opponents, based on previous fights. Virtuous/Normal Personality: Nice, Kind-Hearted. Hand glows dark black and orange when his seal on the left hand is broken or unleashed manually

    Likes: Training, Destruction, Talented opponents

    Dislikes: Pushovers, inability to kill an opponent from other comrades, easy fights

    Color: Black/Orange
    Food: Ramen
    Dessert: Cupcakes
    Drink: Tea
    Snack: Cookies
    Place: The Dusk/Night
    Music/Song: Rock music/I Will Not Bow
    Weapon: Abyss Blade, Chamma, Kunai Box (in rememberance of his master's death)
    Saying: "I will destroy you and leave not a trace behind"
    Time of Day: Night
    Time of Year: Summer
    Weather: Sun

    Fears: Chaos and Loneliness

    Goals:Complete Destruction of any clans that oppose his power 

    Habits: Tends to have demonic wings sprout and ascend him when he is idle or in a thinking habit

    Hobbies: Causes fights at random for strength test

    Strengths: Assassin/Fighter based movements and techniques, Water type moves, Black Flame moves

    Weaknesses: Light at a bright intensity, and Lightning

    Power origin: Maritial Arts/Assassin Training

    Abilities: Powers: Astral Divide- uses abyss blade to cut sever enemies in 5 places and poisons the infected cut places
    Abyss Sword- Corrupted sword that only few can wield, has a dual blade form, skull shaped handle with blood spilling out of the end
    Body Doubles- Exact images of the user however has a 1/3 of his power but has the same abilities and can fight for themselves
    Blood Shower- tosses the sword in the air causing a black mist that poisons and causes black lightning to appear and shock those within range Radiates blood of fallen enemies
    Shadow Style: Illusionary Domain- causes a needled form of the sword to come around and follow the enemy until the user is hit or can't control it, if hit multiple dark needles stun the enemy and slows them down
     Ying-Yang Seal-the tattoo unlocks his secondary form with increased speed and strength, God of War-Unleashes a powerful form of himself and can fire out scalding water balls that both burn and sting like needles and can gather energy and charge up a blast of water that is equal to the strength of pressure washer, Icy Kunai-a countermeasure in close up fighting taught by his master before her death that completely numbs a person in the spot thrown or can be used to freeze the area in a 10 yard radius. Healing- Bloodline trait that makes wounds disappear almost instantly, very high heal rate from suffering deep blows and fatal attacks slow heal rate with normal injuries like broken bones or burns
    Skyfall: Multiple Fire Lotus Flowers form around unknown species or enemies and create a massive shock of light
    General competence: N/A
    Specialties:Combination moves
    Active Talents:
    Form Mastery: Karate/Judo/Black Ninja Taijitsu. Black Ninja Assassin.

    Force/Magic Abilities:
    Elemental Power:Water/Black Flame
    Water side developed in a battle against his mother to avenge the death of his master, involved calm and collected mind flow along with inner chi balance.
    Black Flame side was developed as a crisis type of move set, last minute/last resort, only used when needed against powerful enemies or people

    Weapons: Abyss Blade (one-hand weapon), Chamma (two-handed weapon) Kunai Box (versatile can be both)

    Stats: (Your character's roleplaying stats. They range from 0 to 9 and show us how powerful your character really is. The explanation for each numerical value is coming soon.)
    • Str: 7
    • Du:  9
    • Pw: 8 
    • Sta: 7
    • Agi: 9
    • Spd: 9
    • Fs: 9
    • Int:7
    • Wp: 7
    Emotional Stability:9
    Mental Stability:9
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