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    T1 Roleplay(Will be updated if needed) Empty T1 Roleplay(Will be updated if needed)

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    T1 - Paragraph Role Play

    Dear guests, whether I know you or not, dear members of Amaranthine,

    Welcome to the topic for T1 Role Play, also known as 'Paragraph Role Play'. Listed below is:
    - Subdivisions in T1
    - Genres/styles
    - ...

    A lot. Anyway, I advise you to read it all. The post titles tell you a great deal about what is in the post.

    There's four subdivisions in T1 Role Play:

    On the one side, you have the one that follows all T1 Role Play rules, but that does not really look at the length of their paragraphs. This is the so-called 'Lazy ass'-T1. More literate T1 RP'ers tend not to call this T1, but it is as long as it follows the rules.

    Other, normal, T1 Role Playing uses as much details as possible, making the paragraphs longer than only a few lines.

    As soon as the, it's called T00. For the T00 explanation, look at is an extended version of this T00 even, with as only difference that it contains so much literate text that it's more story-writing than actual describing an action.

    T1 Styles
    T1 RM
    RM or Realistic Melee is Role Playing of a human vs a human. This has as a result that there's human limitations in the fight, action, ...
    This limitations include: human capabilities of running, jumping, reaction-time, body itegrity, vision, etc.

    An example of a situation in which one uses T1 RM: street fighting.

    T1 UM
    UM or Unrealistic Melee is Role Playing that is above average human vs human RPing. The players are capable of using skills such as Magic attack, Sorcery, Vampirism, Werewolfism. ...

    An example of a situation in which one uses T1 UM: underworld fighting.

    T1 MP
    MP or Moderate Powers is a style that is commonly used now asa more realistic look twards T1 PC [explained next]. The characters have special powers, but they don't have a power that is capable of destroying an entire planet. Powers such as elmental abilities are acceptable, but if there's a power that is capable of using all elements, you must keep that power in a moderate use.

    Some examples of situations in which one uses T1 MP: Naruto or Bleach RP.

    T1 PC
    PC or Powered Characters is a style that is considered the most difficult of them all to learn. The coplexity of the character's abilities and powers are what get them called 'God modders'. The depth put into one characters, with the poers, abilities, explanations of terrain, dimension, sub-abilities, character background, and traits will lead an inexperienced opponent to believe there is an invincibility about the character.

    This kind of T1 Role Playing is the one we will use most often in advanced roleplay. After all, in the interview a capain takes from a recruit, they ask not only about your basic character information (name, age, race, etc), but also about your past, skills, etc.

    T1 Style Restrictions

    As for T1, the person that's been challenged can choose a style (from the ones listed above). If the person challenging does not want to fight in this style, he has to decline the fight himself. If the person challenging agrees, they both have to follow the specific style restrictions listed below.

    T1 RM
    Your characters cannot have: magical or other non-human powers, spells, mystic weaponry of any kind, abilities that surpass normal human abilities (like super speed, sharp senses, super strength, ...)

    Examples: Sight (objects within 10ft to see clearly), Speed (max running 30mph), Reaction time (1 second minimum), ...

    T1 UM
    Only slight abilities are heightened. No chakra, energy, or spirit force abilities. The abilities used are based on (multiplied ones of) that of human race, or that of animals.

    Acceptable abilities: Heightened strength (100 body builders), speed (50mph and lower), sight (1-2 mile
    distance), hearing (slight air ripples), smell (220 million smell receptors=Hound Dog), and knowledge (slight whereabouts of foe).

    T1 MC
    Powers capable of destroying entire galaxies or multi-verse are not allowed. Attacks and combos are energy/chakra based. Basic abilities of energy and powers are acceptable. All elemental control as well is acceptable, as long as there is only one to two elements being used at one time. You can not use all the elements in one massive attack!

    Spar Entrances
    Before explaining what you should all post in your entrance, one important notice:

    If one forgets describing a prop or a piece of information in their introduction post, one CAN NOT use this later on in th fight. This is considered god modding, and if you do this, you will be most probably disqualified.

    Something that is part of your entrance, but also of other moves further on in the fight, is the so-called "Prep", the "Preparation for a stronger move".
    These moves are steps you use to be able to make a stronger move or later, in your next attack or the attack after that. You will most probably have to make a weaker attack, or take a hit or so, to succeed in his, but the result in the next attack - if done well - will be better than you could have done by the two attacks together if they were performed normally. This is just called 'strategy', I suppose ^^

    Your entrance can not contain:
    ... an attack. The first post written in a spar can NEVER EVER contain an attack. So the beginning of a T1 fight should look like this:
    FelixTheDemon: (description of weaponry, stance, preparation for moves like summoning creatures already, possibly saying something 'encouraging' to the opponent, ...)
    Antharia: (idem, OR adding a first attack already)
    FelixTheDemon: (first attack or, if Antharia posted an attack, counterattack)

    Conclusion: since they both know each other's weapons, armour, etc. the second person can already post an attack, not necessarily only an entrance (which, however, would be more common). When doing a spar between multiple people, everyone should've posted an entrance, and the last person can choose whether he/she does an entrance or entrance+attack.

    Your entrance should contain:
    ... all kinds of description. As already listed some above, there are various subjects you can describe. There are however, some things that should be certainly posted:

    [1] looks [clothing, hair color and style, skin, eyes, height, weight, armour, ...]
    [2] environment [room and furniture or terrain, weather, time of day, ...]
    [3] weaponry and preparations you need to do on beforehand for i.e. magical attacks later on (drawing runes, ... ?)
    [4] your stance and what spot in the room you're taking

    So ... your entrance can not contain:

    ~~> your entrance shouldn't contain ANYTHING about the other person's position, location or looks, unless you're repeating their info in your own post

    ~~> your entrance shouldn't contain ANY possible assumed actions of your opponent, unless you put them in the form
    'if [opponent's name] were to ... , [chara's name] would ...'.

    Other rules concerning entrances:
    ° as already stated: anything that has not been stated in an entrance, can NOT be used in the fight further on. Breaking this rule is disqualification or immediate loss of the fight.

    ° no god modding: if you can't dodge an attack, you are hit and therefore you're either wounded or dead. You also should counter an opponent's attack decently, describing in detail how you were able to do that.

    ° no auto-attacks: this is, as said, not making your hit land on your opponent without giving them a chance to counter/block/dodge your swing. You can't decide what your opponent does, and it's up to them to explain how their skills can or can't make them able to get out alive.

    ° minimum length: to avoid auto-defending, the part of your paragraph that describes how you counter your opponent's hit, should be atleast (almost) as long as the actual attacking part of your opponent's paragraph.

    ° correct English language: punctuation, capitalization, spelling, sentence structure and grammar are very important while RPing... if it's disturbing to the others, they can ask for a repost and incase of continuous failing and getting warnings (more than 3 or 4 times), you can even be disqualified.

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