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    Wulf Walker

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    first Name: Wulf
    Last Name Walker
    Age: 150 looks 17 to 18 in human years

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality and Status:Gay Single
    Clan: none

    Race: Dark Elf
    Classification: Fortune Teller
    Home: Alucardia
    Possessions:  small money pouch, bow and arrows
    Language: Elven, common language
    Transportation: by foot or horse
    -Ancestor: none can be remembered
    -Father: dead
    -Mother: dead
    -Sister: none
    Brother- Amphiltrite Walker
    Friends and Allies: none yet
    Enemies: none yet
    Character Bio: Wulf’s father died in a fight against the kingdom being a theif just before Wulf’s younger brother amphiltrite was born. His mother was not well known like his father whom he looks a lot like. His mother died in child birth with his brother and Wulf swore to protect Amphiltrite with his life. 20 years later a raid went through their villiage and Wulfs younger brother was kidnapped and has not been found since. Wulf taught himself to use a bow and Arrow. He still searches for his brother with his small fortune telling shop open on the corner of a street he sells small magical items on the side. He enjoys spending his free time out on the lake or sitting in the woods just relaxing.

    Wulf has long blonde hair that reaches his mid back. his silver grey eyes tend to shine in the dark. Wulf hardly ever wears shoes and unless he is swimming wears a long sleeved white shirt and loose fitting black pants. he does not have any peircings but he does have a tribal tattoo on his chest and shoulder. he stands at 6'00" and weighs 150 lbs. he is fairly skinny and very flexible.
    Personality: Wulf is fairly easy going as long as no one brings up his father or his brother. he is alittle eccentric as when he is ignoring a question he can be very random. Wulf likes Swimming in the moon light and staying up late. Wulf dislikes his father and losing control of his telepathy ability. Wulf is Allergic to cats and trys to stay away. Wulf is found either in his shop, at the lake, or sitting in a tree. Wulf can also be forgetful though.

    Likes: Swimming, Climbing, nights

    Dislikes: his father, annoying people, cats

    Color: purple
    Food: chicken
    Dessert: angel food cake
    Drink: water
    Snack: apple
    Place: lake
    Music/Song: flutes
    Weapon: bow and arrows
    Saying: none
    Time of Day: dusk
    Time of Year: spring
    Weather: cloudy

    Fears: turning into his father, never finding his brother
    Goals: find his brother
    Habits: leaving his shop open while he is gone
    Hobbies: hiking, swimming
    Strengths: mind reading, archery, swimming, climbing
    Weaknesses: cat allergy, brother

    Power origin:  Magic

    Abilities: Dark-Telepathy 
    Skills: Archery
    Form Mastery: Archery

    Force/Magic Abilities:Telepathy
    Elemental Power:
    Dark-Telepathy: reading anyones thoughts weaker or unguarded.

    Weapons:  bow and arrow

    • Str:  3
    • Du: 2
    • Pw: 3
    •Sta: 4
    • Agi: 8
    • Spd: 2
    • Fs: 3
    • Int: 4
    • Wp: 8
    Emotional Stability: Wulf is emotionally stable and does not get upset easily.
    Mental Stability Wulf is mentaly stable and does not break down easily.
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    Re: Wulf Walker

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    Please add another paragraph to your bio.

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