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    First Name: Eva Sharon

    Last Name : Maskrose

    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Black Widow; Eve

    Age: 125 years old but she looks around 20’s

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality and Status: Bissexual

    Clan: none

    Race: Forbidden Creations – Golem, Living Wooden Doll
    Your creator: God of Darkness

    Classification: Baroness; Magician

    Home: Faylaph Kingdom
    Possessions: handbag with a little box that contains a heart of her first victim; make-up; red lipstick; Fan.
    Language: She speaks almost all languages but she prefers to speak in portuguese or English

    Transportation: teletransportation stones

    Family: God of Darkness
    -Ancestor: God of Darkness

    Friends and Allies:
     - Rayku, her General Demon

    - A lot of Women and high-classed families 

    Character Bio: (under construction)

    Eva is a classic thin woman-doll. Her eyes are light blue and her lips are red. She’s a blonde doll and her skin is made of light brown wood.
    She wears clothes from 1800’s. Her corselet is black ornamented with red ribbons, flowers designs and quilling. To match her corselet her quilling flourish skirt is large but has a transparent cloth that shows her left leg wearing a black thight with a pink bow on her thigh. Her high heels are black with a red bow on top as well. Eva also wears black gloves accompanied with a little black handbag.
    For the jewelry she uses some golden bracelets on her left hand and ruby ring on her right middle finger. Around her neck she uses a necklace full of diamonds and a large ruby on the bottom that leads to her breasts. To finish she has her blondie hair tied in with a hairy pin of a form of a little black hat with roses.

    Height: 5’9’’
    Weight: 118 lbs
    Eye Color: Light Blue with a cross inside a double circle
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Physical Build: Slim and curvy

    Personality: Eva Sharon Maskrose has a special personality, in front of society she pretends to be kind and harmless. But, in real she is evil and a blood thirsty. She always tries to seduce the males and females. She likes to feel the power and the control over others. She doesn’t care about others suffering neither happiness, she only wants to feel good and her desires fulfilled.

    When a person meets her for the first time she does everything to convince the person that she is innocent, till the moment she kills that person. The males are the ones who give her more pleasure to kill, since they have a body different from her.


    - Books
    - Reading
    - Magic
    - Blood
    - Sacrifice
    - Slavery
    - Culture
    - High-Classed people
    - Parties
    - Roses


    - Being enslaved
    - Being wet
    - Losing Posture
    - Acknowledge people
    - Rude People

    Color: Black and Red
    Food: Fruits
    Dessert: Fruits
    Drink: Red Wine
    Snack: nothing
    Place: Cemetery
    Music/Song: Classic music style
    Weapon: Magical Scythe
    Saying:” You are bound to me”
    Time of Day: Nightfall
    Time of Year: Summer
    Weather: Sunny days


    - Self-Destruction
    - Being Spotted by her creator
    - Fire


    - Killing as much creatures as possible;
    - Being a Great Magician


    - Hiding her face under her Fancy Fan


    - Reading


    - Magic
    - Agility 


    - Close combat
    - Light magic

    Power origin: Chi and Sacrificial Rituals

    Abilities: Necromancy:

    - Orb of Venom: Normal magical ball with venom stats
     - Shield of Venom: Eva creates a shield that protects her from physical attacks. This ability drains her Chi. Once her chi runs out the shield fades
     - Path of Pain: Eva conjures a path in front of her that drains energy from her opponents
     - Wall of lost Souls: Eva Conjures a wall made of lost souls that deflect the magical attacks. This wall only deflects 5 magics at time and 2 physical attacks.
     - Touch of Widow: Throws a magical needle to the opponents and venoms them
    - Kiss of Death: Her lips are poison so when her lips touches on others lips, they get poisoned. Syntoms: Nauseous, vomits, stomache, weakness. The poison is curable.
    - Horde of Skeletons: She summons 5 skeletons to help her in attacks
     - Dance of Roses: A spell that creates roses around the opponent and constricts them. This spell only actives in 1 person
    - Imp
    - Succubus
    - Lesser Demon: She summons a random one with a lot of forms (spiders, gargoyles, hounds, etc)
    - Rayku: This Demon is a General Demon and a great friend of Eva. He is muscular and very tall. He is specialized in close combat. He always wears a sword. But to summon Rayku she requires a huge summoning ritual which needs a humanoid soul and Eva is unable to cast spells for 1 day after summoning Rayku. Rayku only stays in our world for 7 days, after that he gets back to Underworld.
    Skills: Scythe skilling
    Active Talents: Kiss of Death
    Mastery: Necromancy

    Force/Magic Abilities: Necromancy and Summoning
    Elemental Power:
    It’s described above

    Weapons: Magical Scythe and spell book intitulated: The Book of Thousand Souls.

    Note: Character can't have all 9's be realistic your character is not the greatest thing in existence, don't mean to offend anyone. if we feel your character is to all powerful we will ask you to change them them, same with having all ones we know your character has some ability.


    • Str: 0 
    • Du: 1
    • Pw: 8
    • Sta: 1
    • Agi: 7
    • Spd: 4
    • Fs: 0

    • Int: 9
    • Wp: 9
    Emotional Stability: Emotionally stable

    Mental Stability: Very strongly minded
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    Nightmare Lee Castiel

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    You are approved though if you need any help at all tell me i will help you with your bio so your up to speed with things okay

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    yeah if you wouldn't mind some good topics would be nice Wink
    Nightmare Lee Castiel
    Nightmare Lee Castiel

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    Just Message me and i'll i'll help you

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