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    Eve Bihar, the Heartless Tiger

    Eve Bihar
    Eve Bihar

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    Eve Bihar, the Heartless Tiger

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    First Name: Eve 
    Last Name: Bihar
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Heartless Tiger

    Age: 1000 years

    Gender: female

    Sexuality and Status: Straight

    Clan: None

    Race: White Tiger

    Classification: Protector, Goddess by local villages

    Home: A large jungle. Unknown location
    Possessions: Katana
    Language: English

    Transportation: By foot

    -Enemy: Keiko Mitsuko 

    Character Bio: 

    Eve started out her life in a jungle, a dense jungle where everything was calm, collected and serene. Her mother was a large and proud tiger, who was mated to the strongest male tiger in the entire jungle, and who was also very gentle. Eve lost her parents at a young age to poachers, looking to have her mother's rare white pelt to sell, and happened to kill her father because he was trying to protect his small family. Eve managed to escape while her father distracted the poachers, and got away alive, leaving her home for someplace safer to live.

    Many years later, Eve returned to her birthplace, only to be engulfed by sorrow at seeing the place where her parents were killed. She cursed at the humans who had killed her parents, yelling out that they had done nothing to deserve such a thing, and wishing she could somehow get back at the humans in someway, fighting them on an even playing field. As if something was listening, her wish was granted. She suddenly found herself enveloped in a white light, and soon she stood on two legs. She ran to the nearest stream and looked at herself, and what was staring back at her was a human girl. A human girl with piercing blue eyes, with slits like a cat, a small tattoo under her eye, long flowing white hair striped with black like her fur coat. And on her arm was a long sleeve tattoo that ran from her shoulder to her wrist, the source of her ability to transform. From that day on Eve swore to protect her home and her fellow kin from humans as much as she could. Because of her ability to transform from a White Tiger into a human girl, the local villages called her a goddess, and she became a legend to the local townsfolk. 

    Eve did have a tussle with another big cat who just happened to be passing through, a black and red leopard who could also transform into a girl. Eve attacked her because she was in her territory, and she didn't take lightly to intruders, especially if they looked human. The leopard's name was Keiko Mistuko, a wanderer who had gotten lost. Eve despises this girl since she is equal in strength.


    Clothing: Depends
    Tattoos/Piercings: small tattoo under right eye (left on the computer), large sleeve tattoo on her left arm (right on the computer)
    Scars: none
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 140 pounds
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair Color: White with black stripes, like a tiger
    Physical Build: Average, slightly leaner.

    Eve is a difficult person to read. You never truly know how she feels, since she hides it behind anger and a cold demeanor. Eve is relatively timid, and prefers to keep to herself then talk and befriend others. She gets along best with other tigers. Eve has a short temper, which causes her to start screaming and possibly become more violent the more angered she becomes. She generally gives off an aura of "I don't care", but hides the fact that she does. Just a little. 

    Likes: Meditating, swimming, quiet

    Dislikes: Cities, people, Keiko Mitsuko

    Color: Black, Blue, Purple
    Food: MEAT!
    Dessert: None
    Drink: Water
    Place: The Jungle
    Music/Song: Not Gonna Die by Skillet
    Weapon: Katana
    Time of Day: Dawn
    Time of Year: Spring
    Weather: Sunny

    Fears: the unknown, failure, people

    Goals: none

    Habits: ignoring others even when she's not in a bad mood, growling constantly

    Hobbies: practicing her swordsmanship

    Strengths: her senses (hearing and sense of smell in particular. As well as her sight.)

    Weaknesses: her lack of wanting to bond with others, and anyone who fights long distance.

    Power origin: Unknown

    Abilities: Spiritual power
    Skills/Abilities: Transforms
    Form Mastery: Transforms into a white tiger

    Force/Magic Abilities: 

    Spiritual power: She is able to call on spirits to aid her in times of need. They can range from attacking spirits, healing spirits, light spirits, etc. Depending on what Eve needs, she will call on one of her spirits to aid her.

    Weapons: Katana

    • Str: 7
    • Du: 7
    • Pw: 8
    • Sta: 9
    • Agi: 9
    • Spd: 8
    • Fs: 6
    • Int: 7
    • Wp: 9

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