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    Character Data sheet

    First Name:
    Last Name
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: (list the titles and other names your character is known as. You can ignore this line if your character doesn't have any.)

    Age: (your character's age in years, you can also mention if your character looks younger than its actual age)

    Gender: (Are you a "he", "she" or "it"?)

    Sexuality and Status:(straight,bi,gay,lesbian,Pan-sexual, other?????)

    Clan: (If In one)

    Race: Werewolf or lycan(what type like a latin lycan,)

    Description of Werewolf or lycan Form: (at least 6 sentences on what your werewolf form looks like, claw langth. How tall he/she is since they are two legged, or if lycan how big when fully in form, color fur and eyes muscle tone ect…)

    Classification: (What are you? A mercenary? a mage? Or perhaps an alien emperor? Please tell us! Preferably by using common categories like the above)

    Home: (What Kingdom or village you come from)
    Possessions: (What you hold dear or carry on you at all times)
    Language: (If you have any other language you can speak.)

    Transportation: ( (How you get around, by foot, by horse, by car, air jet)


    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend:

    -Worst Enemy:
    -Worst Enemy:

    Character Bio: (at least two para's long)
    (Give us a general description about your character in brief, preferably including his or her past.)

    Appearance:(Make into paragraph form after filling out has to be 7 sentences long)
    Eye Color:
    Hair Color:
    Physical Build

    Personality:(Must be at least 7 sentences)
    (Describe your character's personality in brief. You can tell about his or her general attitude, likes or dislikes, unique quirks or even its view of the world. Anything you want. Just don't write an entire essay about it )



    Time of Day:
    Time of Year:

    Fears: (At least 2 fears)





    Weaknesses: (at least two)

    Power origin: (Nominate the source of your character's powers by using popular categories like: Vampire, Mutant, Chi, Martial Arts, Demon, Magic, Science, Cosmic and so on...)

    General competence:
    Active Talents:
    Form Mastery:

    Force/Magic Abilities:
    Elemental Power:
    (Describe your character's powers in detail to allow us to understand them better.)

    Also if you have a split side like my characater does Discribe what that other self is like and discribe how you developed it and what that side can do. We do not need repeats of any kind so do not steal off other characters.

    Weapons: What weapon(s) does your character use in lieu of their powers? All hand-held weapons are acceptable and will be found in the Afterlife Battlefront upon first spawning.

    Note: Character can't have all 9's be realistic your character is not the greatest thing in existence, don't mean to offend anyone. if we feel your character is to all powerful we will ask you to change them them, same with having all ones we know your character has some ability.

    Stats: (Your character's roleplaying stats. They range from 0 to 9 and show us how powerful your character really is. The explanation for each numerical value is coming soon.)
    • Str: (your character's strength attribute. Implies how much physical power one can exert.)
    • Du: (Durability. Implies how much physical punishment your character can withstand.)
    • Pw: (power. How much destruction your character can cause?)
    • Sta: (Stamina. How long your character can fight until exhaustion?)
    • Agi: (Agility. Shows your character's nimbleness, mobility and dexterity.)
    • Spd: (Speed. How fast your character can run and move around in combat?)
    • Fs: (Fighting skill. Implies your character's expertise in combat.)
    • Int: (Intelligence. Shows your character's smarts and knowledge.)
    • Wp: (Willpower. Shows your character's strength of will and/or skills with mental powers.)
    Emotional Stability:
    Mental Stability
    Character stats guide:
    To know the meaning of each attribute and measure your opponent's powers accordingly.
    NOTE: The stats are only informative. The actual abilities of the character can slightly differ, depending on the writer.
    Also the stats only define a so-called "base form". Temporally powerups and such doesn't count.

    • 0: Below average strength/wimp
    • 1: Average human strength
    • 2: Peak human (the highest level of strength that is humanly possible)
    • 3: Class 1 (obviously superhuman strength, capable of holding up weights in the excess of 1 ton)
    • 4: Class 5 (able to push up weights in the excess of 5 tons, your character can throw cars and smash entire sections of a wall)
    • 5: Class 25 (able to hold up weights in the excess of 25 tons, your character can throw trucks or carry away a small boat)
    • 6: Class 100 (able to hold up weights in the excess of 100 tons, your character can pick up main battle tanks or heavily damage a building with your punches)
    • 7: Class K (you can pick up skyscrapers and other large objects with ease)
    • 8: Class M (You can pick up huge objects like the pyramids)
    • 9: Class G (your character can uproot entire mountains and carry it as a decoration)

    • 0: No such ability (your character doesn't have any kind of weapon or power that causes noticeable collateral damage)
    • 1: Street level (can break chairs and cause minimum collateral damage)
    • 2: Wall level (able to destroy large portions of a wall with a single attack)
    • 3: Room/small building level (can blow up an entire room or destroy reasonable large room)
    • 4: Building level (can level a detached house and other such structures)
    • 5: Large building/multi building level (able to destroy skyscrapers or
    • 6: City block level (capable of destroying up an entire city block
    • 7: Multi city block level (your character can blow up multiple city blocks or destroy an entire city district)
    • 8: Town/large village buster
    • 9: City/mountain buster (A walking nuclear bomb. Your character can level entire mountains and decimate most cities with a single attack)

    • 0: Below average (your character is more frail than a regular human)
    • 1: Average human
    • 2: Superhuman (your character can survive great falls and other things that would normally kill someone)
    • 3: Bulletproof (your character cannot be killed by regular guns)
    • 4: Wall level
    • 5: Building level (your character can survive cannonshots and explosive attacks to a certain degree)
    • 6: Large building/multi-building level (intermediate between building and city block level)
    • 7: City block level (Your character can survive huge explosions that can decimate an entire city block)
    • 8: Multi city block level (your character can survive attacks that can destroy a large portion of a city, a small yield nuclear device for example)
    • 9: City/mountain level (your character can survive a nuclear bomb dropped on him)

    • 0: below average/wimp-like stamina
    • 1: Average human stamina
    • 2: Peak human level stamina (can engage in intense combat for many minutes straight)
    • 3: Above human stamina (can fight for an entire hour)
    • 4: Superhuman stamina (can fight for many hours straight)
    • 5: Inhuman stamina (can fight for multiple days without a stop)
    • 6: Insane stamina (can fight for weeks or even an entire month)
    • 7: Metahuman stamina (able to fight for months or even years non-stop)
    • 8: Virtually tireless (baring a few insane situations, your character never runs out of energy)
    • 9: Tireless (Your character has an inexhaustible source of energy, can fight and use his powers infinitely)

    • 0: Below average/immobile
    • 1: Average human level
    • 2: Peak human/barely superhuman
    • 3: Faster than the eye (your character is so fast that he can easily disappear from sight, albeit he isn't anywhere near to the speed of sound)
    • 4: Subsonic (Your character can move at speeds approaching the speed of sound, casual bullet-timers)
    • 5: Transonic (around the speed of sound)
    • 6: Supersonic (Faster than the speed of sound, the velocity of bullets and fighter jets)
    • 7: Hypersonic (Mach 5-10, faster than any known missile and fighter jet)
    • 8: High Hypersonic (Mach 10-25, space shuttle re-entry speed and the velocity of large ballistic missiles)
    • 9: Massively Hypersonic (Mach 25 and above, the minimum velocity required to escape the Earth's gravity)

    • 0: Below average/clumsy
    • 1: Average human agility
    • 2: Above average/trained agility (ie: soldiers)
    • 3: Athletic human level agility
    • 4: Olympic level agility/circus-like acrobatics
    • 5: Peak human
    • 6: Above human agility (superhuman sense of balance, gravity-defiling acrobatics)
    • 7: Cat-like agility (someone who moves around with incredible ease and lightness)
    • 8: Inhuman agility (your character feels like he's made out of feather, can perform neckbreaking and seemingly impossible feats with perfect precision)
    • 9: Impossible agility (your character just flat-out ignore the rules of physics, can perform totally impossible feats on the spot and casually)

    Fighting Skill:
    • 0: Wimp / no fighting ability whatsoever
    • 1: Average human (can throw a punch)
    • 2: Casual fighting skill (ie: your character occasionally goes to boxing lessons)
    • 3: Street fighter/thug level skill (has some real life fighting experience)
    • 4: Has military training / martial arts practitioner
    • 5: Veteran soldier / black belt
    • 6: Master of one form of martial arts/ practitioner of supernatural martial arts (ie: Hokuto Shinken)
    • 7: Super soldier / master of many martial arts forms / master of a supernatural martial arts form
    • 8: Master of all martial arts forms / perfect gunslinger or marksman / master of multiple supernatural arts
    • 9: "Omae wa shinderu" (absolute god and demon of fighting)

    • 0: plant/animal-like level of intelligence
    • 1: below average intelligence (dumb)
    • 2: average intelligence
    • 3: above average intelligence/well educated (most doctors and engineers are on this level)
    • 4: gifted at smarts (people with almost perfect grades at school, scientists with some achievements)
    • 5: genius (people who are beyond their age, well-renowned scientists)
    • 6: super genius (a visionary, a modern-age polymath, someone who's FAR beyond its age, fictional inventors who develop super technologies)
    • 7: meta-intelligent/ supercomputer (your character's mind is better than any supercomputer, a living Wikipedia database)
    • 8: all-knowing (learned almost everything that is humanly possible, or even beyond)
    • 9: nigh-omniscient (a character who literally knows everything)

    • 0: Weak-willed, gullible
    • 1: Average will
    • 2: Strong will, above the average but far from uncommon
    • 3: Focused will (unusual strength of will, characters like these often have a set mission or objective, may have talent for mental powers)
    • 4: Reinforced will (intense amount of willpower, may have trained to resist mental attacks)
    • 5: Iron Will (extremely stubborn person who refuses to give in, strong telepaths)
    • 6: Will of Steel (a person with incredible resolve and fighting spirit, powerful telepaths)
    • 7: Determinator (someone who devoted his entire life for one mission and accomplishes it AT ALL COSTS, regardless of the circumstances)
    • 8: Indomitable will (someone who literally never gives in, the absolutely strongest level of telepaths)
    • 9: Absolute will (a supreme being whose words cannot be denied, no one can resist his commands)
    Note: As you noticed, the willpower stat greatly determines the strength of your character's personality and ego

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