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    First Name: Railyn
    Last Name: Tavian
    Nickname/Alias/Epithet: Rai, Lyn, RaRa
    Age: 3513, looks around 20

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality and Status: Straight and single

    Clan: None

    Race: Vampire

    Do you have a Familiar? No
    What type of blood lust do you have? High, can go for 2 days without blood before she goes into withdrawal and becomes aggressive and homicidal.
    Who has bitten you? No One
    Where you born a vampire? Yes

    Classification: Assassin
    Home: None
    Possessions: Silver throwing knives, silver samurai, a book, money pouch, flask's of blood, and silver arm band and chocker.
    Language: English

    Transportation: Horse, Levitation/Flying

    -Ancestor: Unknown
    -Father : Craven Tavian(Deceased)
    -Mother: Lillane Tavian(Deceased)
    -Sister: Lilly, Loraine,  (Deceased)
    -Brother : Gabriel (Living), Luke (Deceased), and Michael (Deceased)

    Friends and Allies:
    -Best Friend: Gabriel Tavian
    -Mentor/Friend: Craven Tavian 

    -Worst Enemy: The Human Race for killing my family

    Character Bio: Born in 1500 B.C. to a very wealthy and powerful vampire family Railyn was one of the first born daughters and also the most cherished and babied of the 6. Her two sisters were her everything while her older brother Gabriel was her best friend. Lilly her youngest sister was like her own child she was really all Railyn ever seemed to care and worry about when everything else seemed to not matter it was always the Railyn and Lilly Show. Both her parents loved her dearly, and upon their ascending into the vampire council everything seemed to change right before her eyes. With the new power they had been granted as becoming members of the council both her mother and father fell into darkness and be consumed by evil so it seemed. She new in her heart things needed to be changed but they were her family and seeing them as dark and unnatural sadistic vampires she was thrown into a world of despair and hate towards them. But one cold winter evening the snow fell heavily blanketing the earth in the most beautiful scene you could have ever pictured. But something was off, smoke filled the midnight air and the smell of burning flesh filled the air along with the screams of the Tavian family. Humans had grown hateful and tired of being the pets and livestock of the vampire council. And in the process they had rose up in rebellion and attacked the Tavian manor. As the flames engulfed the household Railyn and Gabriel were the only two to escape from the inferno. While standing in the woods a few hundred feet away she and her brother both stood frozen in fear and pain as they watched their childhood home smolder and burn, the screams of their family still trapped inside racking inside their brain. The pain of not being able to save them has settled deep within Railyn and now she seems to be haunted by the past forever plagued with the visions of that one dreadful night. Her heart now seeming dead she holds no love for humans like she once did and honestly only wishes for their demise.

    Appearance: Visibly, I'm rather attractive with my long  black hair and pale features. That's usually what people see from me, but underneath it all, I'm still just as attractive, with a large koi fish tattoo that covers most of my back its defiantly not something most would normally see on a woman. Along with my forearm tattoo that starts at my wrist and makes it's way up to my elbow and labret piercing I'm something of an oddity among most. One look into my pale grey eyes and then you are mine. My body is rather curvy, though 5'8 in stature my frame is well toned and muscled. My stride is both proud and seductive with well practiced grace. I bare an always present seductive smile and I know how to use it. The only time my eyes change color is when I'm feeding. Once a lovely grey they shift the purest shade of liquid gold. My style is always the same ranging between gothic/emo I can usually be seen wearing black and red with shades of grey, white, and dark purples and blues.

    Personality: I'm is a very open and blunt person, but am considered rude at times because of this. I despise people that like to nose their way into others conversation and at times make threats to end them. With that aside I'm a very friendly person and love to get to know new people, even though they may think me weird in the end. Once you've gained my friendship and have become someone of importance to me, it will be very hard for me not to go out of my way to make others happy. It is my downfall so to say, I'll put those I care about before myself and will go far beyond the call of duty to protect and make them happy.

    Likes: Reading, music, Tattooing, Training my sword fighting skills, and Playing Piano

    Dislikes: Arrogant people, Childish people, and people who believe killing is wrong even with good reason.

    Color: Black
    Food:  Sushi.
    Dessert: tiramisu
    Drink: Blood
    Snack: Blood covered chocolate kisses
    Place: The Ocean
    Music/Song: Cannibal- By Kesha
    Weapon: Silver throwing knifes, Silver Samurai
    Saying: Life's like a game, you can never cheat without consequences.
    Time of Day: Night
    Time of Year: Fall
    Weather: Rain

    Fears: Blood Lust, Betrayal, and Death 

    Goals: Find the one that completes me.

    Habits: Playing with my labret piercing, Twirling my throwing knifes, and Chewing on my bottom lip

    Hobbies: Reading, Tattooing, Training my sword fighting skills, and Playing Piano.

    Strengths: My Agility, hand to hand combat, sword fighting skills, intellect, and my keenness to picking up on current situations with ease.

    Weaknesses: Crucifixes, Unable to enter a residence without permission, and The Need For Blood 

    Power origin: Vampire

    Abilities: Mind-Rolling, Spiritual Possession, and Memory Thief
    Skills: Throwing Knifes, Samurai Swordsmanship, and Hand to hand combat
    General competence: Sword fighting
    Specialties: Beheading, Quick clean assassinations, and Blood Draining  
    Active Talents: Stealth, Agility, and a quick mind.
    Mastery: Knife fighting, knife throwing.

    Force/Magic Abilities: Mind-Rolling,Spiritual Possession, and Memory Thief
    Elemental Power: Fire
    -Mind Rolling-Through direct eye-contact I can capture the mind of my victim and hold them in a hypnotized state where they are not aware what is going on
    -Spiritual Possession-The ability to take complete and total control of another person's body
    -Memory Thief- I have the ability to look into the eyes of my victim and read their most intimate memories, stealing them and locking them away to use when needed. Thou once eye contact is made the person is put to sleep for a minimal of 5-10 minutes

    Weapons: Throwing knifes and Samurai sword   

    • Str: 8
    • Du: 8
    • Pw: 8
    • Sta: 8
    • Agi: 9
    • Spd: 9
    • Fs: 8
    • Int: 10
    • Wp: 9
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